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Businesses not ready for network implications of cloud native architecture

By Cliff Saran 04 May 2018

Composable applications can be built from connecting microservices that run in their own containers. This cloud-first approach requires a new approach to networking Read More

Renewed push for Business One could boost SAP SMB strategy

By Christine Parizo 26 Jul 2018

SAP has strived to dispel a reputation for pricey, hard to deploy ERP with aggressive marketing and products for small businesses. How's it going, and where does S/4HANA fit in? Read More

GDPR is key to driving other transformational strategies in business

By Zach Emmanuel 02 May 2018

With GDPR compliance in place, there are several technologies organisations can use to transform their data analytics Read More

Large organisations less confident over cloud security compared to smaller businesses

By Zach Emmanuel 26 Jul 2018

A study has found larger enterprises are not as confident as smaller businesses about the security of their data in the public cloud Read More

Ransomware still a threat to business, F-Secure warns

By Warwick Ashford 02 May 2018

Ransomware attacks tapered off towards the end of 2017 after an explosion in such attacks earlier in the year, but ransomware remains a threat to big business, a report reveals Read More

Commerzbank creates Hadoop-based platform for business-critical insights

By Karl Flinders 23 Jul 2018

German bank creates an entire new department to build and support a platform to provide business-critical insights Read More

VMware for small business deployments becomes more realistic

By Trevor Pott 27 Apr 2018

An expensive upgrade path often limited VMware SMB deployments, but recent price shifts are making it easier for SMBs to expand their usage of VMware's ecosystem. Read More

SecureWorks warns of business email compromise campaign

By Rob Wright 26 Apr 2018

SecureWorks researchers uncovered an extensive business email compromise campaign targeting the maritime shipping industry, which may have cost organizations millions of dollars. Read More

Business unit spending opening up compliance risks

By Simon Quicke 26 Apr 2018

SAM specialist Snow Software has highlighted the concerns of CIOs that the growing spending power outside the IT department is putting the business in danger of becoming non-compliant Read More

Data scientist vs. business analyst: What's the difference?

25 Apr 2018

Data science and business analyst roles differ in that data scientists must deep dive into data and come up with unique business solutions -- but the distinctions don't end there. Read More