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Cyber threat to UK business greater than ever, report reveals

By Warwick Ashford 09 Apr 2018

The cyber threat to UK business is “bigger than ever” and the best way to defend against it is collaboration between government, law enforcement and business, a report shows Read More

Digital twins: Revolutionising product businesses

By Cliff Saran 26 Oct 2017

Among the technological drivers in industrial firms are IoT platforms that implement the concept of a digital twin. We explore the benefits Read More

Why businesses must think like criminals to protect their data

By Andy Barratt 06 Apr 2018

Cyber criminals use three main methods of operation to steal commercial data. Understanding their mindset can help organisations put the right defences in place Read More

Business should note Facebook data sharing, say security advisers

By Warwick Ashford 05 Apr 2018

Businesses that use Facebook and have employees that use it should take note that data is shared with potential cyber attackers, security advisers warn, as Facebook reveals the Cambridge Analytica data exploitation... Read More

More than 1.5 billion business and consumer files exposed online

By Warwick Ashford 05 Apr 2018

With just over a month to go before the GDPR compliance deadline, more than 1.5 billion data files are exposed online without adequate protections, a report reveals Read More

Microsoft plans to invest $5bn to boost IoT business

By Cliff Saran 05 Apr 2018

Its vision involves sensor data from IoT devices being processed across a distributed computing infrastructure from the edge to Azure Read More

How businesses can use the internet of things to save the environment

By Ritesh Mehta 10 Jan 2018

The exchange of ideas, expertise and data among people, organizations and governments could enable the corporate world to create more sustainable products and services. Read More

Australian businesses bullish on AI

By Beverley Head 25 Jul 2017

Demand for artificial intelligence technology is growing in Australia amid looming fears over job losses Read More

Azlan upgrades Business Solution Centre

By Simon Quicke 17 Oct 2017

Distributor adds a range of HPE technology to the solution centre to give resellers and their customers a chance for a close up look at what is available from the vendor Read More

Augment the business, build on the reality of 'things'

By Rob Bamforth 16 Oct 2017

The ability to mix the virtual world of digital content and information - text, sounds, images and video - with the physical world of three-dimensional space we inhabit has long appealed. Science ... Read More