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Self-service analytics tools hand BI power to business users

By Craig Stedman 17 Sep 2018

Self-service BI software opens the door to wider analytics uses in organizations. This handbook compares top self-service tools and details user deployments. Read More

In search of digital business models: Six questions

By Tom Gambardella 07 Jun 2018

Old-school companies must find ways to generate digital revenue. Researchers at MIT Sloan laid out six questions that will help companies refine their digital business models. Read More

Business not learning from past cyber security incidents

By Warwick Ashford 07 Jun 2018

Businesses are still not getting the basics right and they are not learning from past security incidents, according to world-renowned security blogger and trainer Read More

Disaster avoidance requirements ensure business continuity

By Jon Toigo 06 Jun 2018

Include disaster recovery and avoidance requirements as design goals when creating storage and production environments to ensure business continuity during weather events. Read More

Symantec CIO strategy: Add 'extreme value' to the business

By Mary K. Pratt 13 Jul 2018

Sheila Jordan's CIO strategy at Symantec focuses on bringing 'extreme value' to the business. Here, she discusses her top six IT priorities for achieving that goal. Read More

Disaster recovery and business continuity: A best practice guide

By Caroline Donnelly 13 Jul 2018

In this guest post Paul Timms, managing director of IT support provider MCSA, shares his thoughts on why enterprises can ill-afford to overlook the importance of business continuity and disaster ... Read More

Businesses urged to patch Microsoft flaw allowing MFA bypass

By Warwick Ashford 14 Aug 2018

Security researchers are urging enterprises to update their software after the discovery of a vulnerability that could undermine the security provided by multifactor authentication Read More

Broadcom acquires enterprise business with CA Technologies deal

By Cliff Saran 12 Jul 2018

Broadcom buys into the enterprise software infrastructure arena, announcing $19bn acquisition of CA Technologies Read More

When running IT like a business, consider the bagel shop

By Nicole Laskowski 11 Jul 2018

Ciena Corp. CIO Craig Williams expounds on the importance of running IT like a business and how to identify the type of IT people who can execute on that strategy. Read More

Cyber crime: why business should report it as soon as possible

By Warwick Ashford 10 Jul 2018

Cyber crime is affecting a growing number of businesses, yet few are reporting it. Computer Weekly lifts the veil on cyber crime reporting, looking at the who, what, when, where, how and why Read More