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Is cyber security becoming a cost of doing business - to the detriment of our data?

By Bryan Glick 23 Feb 2018

Computer Weekly writes a lot about cyber security – it’s the easily most popular topic among our readers, and always rates as one of the top priorities in our annual survey of IT professionals. ... Read More

Cloud ERP systems present 'business-critical' security challenges

By Jason Sparapani 22 Feb 2018

Where does the data live? Who -- the provider or the customer -- is responsible for securing what? They're vital questions to ask when mulling a cloud move, a new report posits. Read More

SAN storage devices: MSP finds new business in tech upgrade

By John Moore 21 Feb 2018

Evercom, a managed services provider, was able to both upgrade its storage and find a new business opportunity when it purchased new gear from Reduxio Systems. Read More

Responsible sourcing can be good for business

By Jim O'Donnell 20 Nov 2017

A company's reputation and bottom line can be damaged if its suppliers engage in harmful practices. Responsible sourcing and risk assessment technology can help mitigate the harm. Read More

Use GDPR to future-proof business models

By Warwick Ashford 20 Nov 2017

Businesses should look beyond compliance with new data regulations to ensure that their business processes and models are in line with future requirements, advises a privacy innovation expert Read More

GDPR personal data requirements mark key business actions

By Chris Evans 19 Feb 2018

Implementing GDPR is not a choice for organizations holding EU citizens' data. These organizations must know their data, identify individuals involved and review data management. Read More

The role of a CIO is never business as usual

By Mark May 16 Nov 2017

The modern CIO role description requires hands reached into the thick of business activity more than ever before. Venture out of the IT department; business goals need IT's input. Read More

Government, business cybersecurity cooperation still faces roadblocks

By Mekhala Roy 14 Nov 2017

Panelists speaking at a session titled Right Hand, Left Hand: Transparency, Communication and Conflict at the recent Cambridge Cyber Summit agreed that the government and private industry must ... Read More

Business in digital world demands considered approach

By Warwick Ashford 14 Nov 2017

Companies need to think carefully about their approach to doing business in a complex, connected, digital world, according to a Belgian risk specialist Read More

GDPR is a business opportunity, says Belgian minister

By Warwick Ashford 14 Nov 2017

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation should not be viewed only as a compliance issue, says Belgium’s minister for privacy Read More