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Focus on business problems, not technology

By Aaron Tan 12 May 2017

A new survey by Gartner has found that CEOs in the Asia-Pacific region believe that “conventional technologies” such as cloud, ERP, analytics and CRM will help them to improve productivity, rather ... Read More

Ask the expert: Finding value in drones for business use

By Brian Holak 13 Nov 2017

The use of drones for business is gaining popularity, but the technology's value will vary widely across industries as use cases expand, according to Anil Nanduri of Intel. Read More

CMS analytics arms businesses with a strategic planning edge

By Don Fluckinger 13 Nov 2017

Content analytics for CMSes mines business value from free text in data lakes, so it's time to go prospecting for gold with this advanced technology. Read More

Adopting business messaging apps requires changing corporate culture

By Katherine Finnell 13 Feb 2018

To successfully adopt business messaging apps in the enterprise, organizations must put end users at the center of a messaging strategy crafted to prevent shadow IT and collaboration silos. Read More

Setting up a business is like jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet

13 Feb 2018

When he decided to set up his own business the IBC Group it reminded Ian Birch of the feelings he had when skydiving Read More

Dell EMC Partner Program sets $50B channel business target

By Spencer Smith 09 Feb 2018

On the first anniversary of the Dell EMC Partner Program's launch, the company's global channel chief said partners can expect fine-tuning but no major program overhauls in 2018. Read More

Changing the IoT mindset to take a business-first approach

By Jason Kay 08 Feb 2018

By taking a business-first versus technology-first approach to IoT, says IMS Evolve's Jason Kay, companies can achieve valuable IoT deployments. Read More

Any online business a target of DDoS attacks

By Warwick Ashford 06 Nov 2017

Any business that is online is susceptible to denial of service attacks and should ensure it has the capability to mitigate such attacks, says an industry practitioner who explains how Read More

Universal Credit business case still not approved as concerns continue over digital service

By Bryan Glick 08 Feb 2018

MPs reveal internal project reviews that show full business case yet to be approved and ongoing worries over digital system for welfare reform programme Read More

How Auto Trader improved web design to support digital business

By Cliff Saran 08 Feb 2018

Digitisation requires an agile methodology and the ability to enhance products quickly. We look at how Auto Trader optimised traditional web design Read More