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Australian businesses bullish on AI

By Beverley Head 25 Jul 2017

Demand for artificial intelligence technology is growing in Australia amid looming fears over job losses Read More

FireEye Helix, revamped pricing spark channel business

18 May 2018

Security vendor FireEye has revamped pricing, expanded rebates and is looking to bolster FireEye partners with service opportunities around FireEye Helix; other news from the week. Read More

Dell looking for a $50bn channel business

By Simon Quicke 08 Feb 2018

The vendor is aiming to take global channel revenues through the $50bn barrier as it lays down plans for a year of growth with partners Read More

The internet of things and SharePoint deliver business benefits

By Ritesh Mehta 07 Feb 2018

Microsoft's SharePoint remains an in-demand business platform for organizations all over the world. Combined it with IoT to reap even more benefits. Read More

Bad data stops business process transformation in its tracks

By Dan Morris 17 May 2018

Dan Morris introduces his new eight-part series on exploring how bad data can sabotage business process transformation and what CIOs need to do to fix it. Read More

Report highlights security risk of open source code to business

By Warwick Ashford 17 May 2018

Increased adoption of open source code is introducing vulnerabilities into commercial software, with many audited codebases containing the Apache Struts flaw that enabled the Equifax breach, a report shows Read More

APAC business leaders divided on impact of AI

By Aaron Tan 04 Feb 2018

Around half of business leaders in the APAC region do not think they will have greater job satisfaction by offloading work to machines, or see a need for machines to decipher between good and bad commands Read More

FBI: Business email compromise tops $676 million in losses

By Kathleen Richards 14 May 2018

Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report indicates an increase in ransomware while the FBI's Internet Crime Report shows a downward trend, with business email compromise on the rise. Read More

Digital twins: Revolutionising product businesses

By Cliff Saran 26 Oct 2017

Among the technological drivers in industrial firms are IoT platforms that implement the concept of a digital twin. We explore the benefits Read More

How Apple Business Chat could change contact-center market

By Jonathan Dame 02 Feb 2018

The Apple Business Chat release comes as many businesses are rethinking the role of the contact center, which could turn the platform into a market disruptor. Read More