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Predictive analysis for business requires the right data

By Ed Burns 15 Dec 2017

More data doesn't always benefit predictive analytics projects. Data sources must be scrutinized and understood before being used in a predictive model, experts warn at the AI World conference. Read More

Overview of Samsung Galaxy S9 specs, features for business

By Alyssa Provazza 27 Mar 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S9 features are pretty similar to that of the S8. But a dual rear camera and other interesting specs continue to make the Galaxy an option for any user. Read More

Futureproof – how to get your business ready for the next disruption

By Minter Dial 15 Dec 2017

In the past, it was the commonly held belief that the CEO had to have the far-seeing, all-knowing vision to set the strategy. Yet, in today’s muddied and fast-changing world, that is no longer feasible. Bosses ... Read More

AI experts: Business alignment key to AI implementation

By Ed Burns 14 Dec 2017

For enterprises to benefit from AI tools and techniques, experts at AI World stressed that technology needs to be grounded by a tight focus on how it can improve business goals. Read More

Business warned of massive ransomware campaign

By Warwick Ashford 01 Sep 2017

Security researchers are urging businesses to prepare for ransomware attacks after the discovery of a massive attack campaign Read More

BPM in cloud evolves to suit line of business, IoT

By Tom Nolle 23 Mar 2018

While on-premises BPM tools have caused a tug of war between lines of business and IT, the cloud helps appease both sides. Here's what to expect from this cloud BPM trend and more. Read More

5G service lifecycle automation may be key to business cases

By Tom Nolle 22 Mar 2018

Network operators need a 5G service lifecycle automation roadmap that leads to revenue-producing business cases to make the evolution to 5G worth the investment. Read More

Businesses lack cyber security confidence after majority were breached in past year

By Warwick Ashford 22 Mar 2018

Most businesses were hit by a data breach in the past year, yet less than half are confident they would detect a breach, a survey shows Read More

Alexa for Business sounds promising, but security a concern

By Katherine Finnell 08 Dec 2017

Amazon's enterprise virtual assistant connects Echo devices and voice commands to conference rooms and business applications as the service looks to ease meeting complexities. Read More

Digital transformation business: Procurement ripe for revitalization

By John Moore 08 Dec 2017

As the digital transformation business moves into back-office operations, systems such as procurement may be among the candidates for renewal. Read More