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Government urges UK businesses to beef up cyber crime defences

By Warwick Ashford 25 Apr 2018

Government is urging UK organisations to defend against cyber crime, as newly released figures show that large numbers of businesses and charities suffered at least one cyber attack in the past year Read More

Will social messaging apps and Apple Business Chat supplant SMS?

By Tsahi Levent-Levi 24 Apr 2018

The limitations of SMS are starting to emerge. Meanwhile, social messaging apps and Apple Business Chat offer richer interactions between customers and contact centers. Read More

How businesses can use the internet of things to save the environment

By Ritesh Mehta 10 Jan 2018

The exchange of ideas, expertise and data among people, organizations and governments could enable the corporate world to create more sustainable products and services. Read More

Businesses Should Wait On Fall Creators Update

By Ed Tittel 25 Sep 2017

With the next release scheduled for October 17 or thereabouts, businesses should wait on Fall Creators Update for deployment. Read More

Business will make money from their data, says IDC

By Cliff Saran 18 Apr 2018

Data scientists may soon find that their skills will be more directly linked to generating a revenue stream within their organisations Read More

European IT services spending down as businesses focus on GDPR compliance

By Karl Flinders 18 Apr 2018

European organisations are reducing their spending on IT services and are redirecting resources towards becoming compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation Read More

UK businesses urged to ensure they do cyber security basics

By Warwick Ashford 16 Apr 2018

The cyber threat to business has never been greater, so the National Cyber Security Centre is urging UK companies to ensure they have implemented all the basic, best-practice cyber security controls and processes Read More

Lacking data management processes holds back digital business

By Ben Cole 13 Apr 2018

The business fallout of poor data management processes goes well beyond security and privacy implications. Evident IT CEO David Thomas explains in this SearchCompliance Q&A. Read More

A CIO's essential guide to mobile business strategy

28 Dec 2017

Enterprise mobility creates numerous logistical questions for businesses. In this Essential Guide, get news and advice to help implement a successful mobile business strategy. Read More

Automating business processes with simple rules, cloud ERP

By Christine Parizo 27 Dec 2017

Experts recommend using the tools already built into ERP software -- not overlaying another system -- to achieve simpler processes, improved outcomes and reduced cost. Read More