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New GRC tools include analytics, AI to keep businesses safe

By Linda Rosencrance 16 Nov 2017

As the governance, risk and compliance market changes, organizations can pass on the full-blown GRC suite and instead choose a tool that targets a specific issue. Read More

AR/VR is changing the way enterprises do business -- ready to jump in?

By Andrew Till 28 Feb 2018

Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies aren't just for gamers anymore. Harman's Andrew Till explains how AR/VR is changing the enterprise as we know it. Read More

Expanding Extreme eyes Cisco, HPE networking business

By Alex Scroxton 04 Aug 2017

Having acquired Avaya’s SDN and switching business, and with its purchase of Brocade’s datacentre unit imminent, Extreme Networks is on a mission to secure customers’ hearts and minds and take business from rivals Read More

The race is on to build a 5G business case, says BT CEO

By Alex Scroxton 16 Nov 2017

Speaking at a Huawei mobile broadband event, BT CEO Gavin Patterson said telcos and mobile operators must overcome the challenge of building viable business cases for investment in 5G mobile networks – and quickly Read More

Predictive data analytics advances businesses ahead of the game

By Craig Stedman 03 Aug 2017

Predictive analytics can help companies identify trends and better understand customers. The potential business benefits are big, but building predictive models isn't simple. Read More

How to get the best business value out of data scientists

By Brian McKenna 03 Aug 2017

This is a guest blog post by Jane Zavalishina, CEO, Yandex Data Factory Well-established enterprises like retailers or manufacturing companies now have an abundance of data at their disposal. ... Read More

Businesses failing to understand GDPR compliance status

By Warwick Ashford 01 Aug 2017

With less than a year to go before the General Data Protection Regulation compliance deadline, many businesses are floundering, while others are embracing data-centric security to fast-track compliance Read More

VR in business is coming, but architecture must support it

By Fred Churchville 13 Nov 2017

In the hunt for competitive advantage, companies are trying to find real value from VR in business. We explore what businesses are doing and why microservices are a key part. Read More

Unpakt's platform business model offers a moving experience

By John Moore 31 Jul 2017

Unpakt overcame an early chicken-and-egg challenge to create an online marketplace that let users view price quotes from multiple moving companies when planning a move. Read More

AI technologies affect all corners of business, IT

By Bridget Botelho 31 Jul 2017

Think before you act on artificial intelligence technologies to ensure that your efforts to become a "cognitive business" lead you in the right direction. Read More