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As IT permeates the business, the service desk role expands

By Albert McKeon 17 Aug 2018

Don't underestimate the IT service desk. Read about how enterprises are using new ITSM platforms to grow the service desk role and improve business processes across the enterprise. Read More

Open source database software finally gets down to business

By Craig Stedman 16 Aug 2018

Once used primarily in web applications, open source databases are finding a place in more mission-critical business systems -- a development explored in this handbook. Read More

Microsoft Skype for Business update fixes Mac bugs

By Jonathan Dame 15 Aug 2018

Microsoft has released a semi-annual Skype for Business update for on-premises users that includes several bug fixes and feature enhancements for the platform's Mac client. Read More

What does the ISO 22330 business continuity standard cover?

By Paul Kirvan 15 Aug 2018

With ISO/TS 22330, the International Organization for Standardization covers the issues related to the people involved in BC/DR incident response. Read More

Infrastructure optimisation for business application performance

07 Jun 2018

In this e-guide, we take a look at some of the latest trends in server hardware design and specifications to help IT buyers make an informed choice about the best infrastructure to run their portfolios of business ... Read More

Accenture bolsters smart connected products business

By John Moore 13 Aug 2018

Accenture aims to bolster its smart connected products business through the acquisition of two companies in the product innovation space. Read More

Liability insurance policies: Tips for covering MSP businesses

By Esther Shein 13 Aug 2018

With the IT landscape growing more complex, liability insurance policies may be a necessity for MSPs. But MSPs should ensure they get the right coverage for their business model. Read More

Millions of businesses vulnerable to fax-based cyber attack

By Warwick Ashford 13 Aug 2018

Hackers could exploit security vulnerabilities in fax machines to launch cyber attacks in millions of organisations around the world, researchers warn, underlining the need for cyber resilience Read More

Business transformation project: Dealing with legacy data

By Dan Morris 10 Aug 2018

Business transformation requires a solid data foundation. Expert Dan Morris offers a near-term fix for your data-quality problems and the basis for a long-term approach to better data. Read More

AI security hype putting businesses at risk

By Warwick Ashford 07 Aug 2018

The hype around artificial intelligence may be putting businesses at risk, according to a study that found most IT decision-makers believe AI is the answer to all cyber security challenges Read More