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In computing, a catalog is a directory of information about data sets, files, or a database.Read More

MS Offers Spectre Meltdown Updates Via Catalog

By Ed Tittel 02 Mar 2018

Is is because OEM are taking too long to pony up that MS offers Spectre Meltdown updates via catalog downloads? I don't know, but I'm glad somebody's doing something! Read More

MS Issues Spectre Reversal Update (Catalog Only)

By Ed Tittel 29 Jan 2018

Because Intel is taking its sweet time fixing microcode, and reboot and stability problems continue, MS issues Spectre reversal update (Catalog Only). Read More

What are some important features of SAP SRM-MDM Catalog?

By Jawad Akhtar 22 Dec 2017

SAP Supplier Relationship Management-Master Data Management Catalog can help simplify cataloging tasks required to excel in today's complicated supply chains. Here's a look. Read More

Data catalog software takes open data initiative to the streets

By Jack Vaughan 06 Feb 2018

Data catalog software from Alation helped San Diego's chief data officer open up the city's data to residents, as well as city planners and other government workers. Read More

Catalogic ECX supports more databases for DevOps

By Sonia Lelii 19 Apr 2017

Catalogic adds support for SAP HANA and healthcare database programs to ECX. The company is focusing its ECX copy data management software for DevOps use cases. Read More

What to know about the IBM Information Governance Catalog

By T.J. Houpes 21 Apr 2016

IBM's Information Governance Catalog provides organizations with a workflow-oriented data governance tool for organizing, managing and accessing their data assets. Read More

If WU Fails Try Update Catalog Download

By Ed Tittel 16 Sep 2016

Occasionally Windows Updates will resist repeated download or install attempts. If WU fails try update catalog download maneuvers instead. Read More

Catalogic copy data management tool gets Pure

By Garry Kranz 30 Aug 2016

Copy data management specialist Catalogic Software has added two all-flash arrays to its roster of supported platforms. In separate moves, the Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey-based software maker rolled ... Read More

Catalogic Software teaches schools to manage copy sprawl

By Garry Kranz 14 Jun 2016

Catalogic Software's ECX Instant Copy Data Management stabilizes NetApp backup and replication for Fairfax public schools, and offers better search for their 100 million files. Read More

MS Opens Its Update Catalog to Non-IE Browsers

By Ed Tittel 17 Oct 2016

Until recently one had to use IE to access its Update Catalog. Now that MS opens its Update Catalog to non-IE browsers, use whatever you like. Read More