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Information security certification guide: Specialized certifications

By Ed Tittel 06 Feb 2018

This information security certification guide looks at vendor-neutral certifications in specialized areas such as risk management, security auditing and secure programming. Read More

Information security certification guide: Forensics

By Ed Tittel 30 Jan 2018

This information security certificate guide looks at vendor-neutral computer forensics certifications for IT professionals interested in cyber attribution and investigations. Read More

Information security certifications: Introductory level

12 Dec 2017

This series looks at the top information security certifications for IT professionals. Part one reviews basic, vendor-neutral certifications for entry-level positions. Read More

Symantec's untrusted certificates: How many are still in use?

By Rob Wright 08 Feb 2018

A security researcher found that a significant number of popular websites are still using untrusted certificates from Symantec, which will be invalidated this year. Read More

Information security certification guide: Advanced level

By Ed Tittel 26 Jan 2018

Part three of this information security certification guide looks at vendor-neutral advanced security certifications for more experienced IT professionals. Read More

Salesforce Pardot certification opens doors, boosts salaries

By Albert McKeon 26 Jan 2018

Pardot consultant Stacey Cogswell talks about the opportunities and challenges when obtaining Salesforce certifications. Read More

Comodo calls out Symantec certificate issues, applauds Google

By Rob Wright 25 Jan 2018

Bill Conner and Bill Holtz, who recently joined Comodo CA as chairman and CEO, respectively, discuss Symantec's certificate issues and their effect on the certificate market. Read More

Risk & Repeat: Let's Encrypt certificates offer pros, cons

By Rob Wright 17 Jan 2018

In this week's Risk & Repeat podcast, SearchSecurity editors discuss Let's Encrypt certificates and weigh the positives and negatives the free certificate authority provides. Read More

Consultant's 15 Salesforce certifications about more than pay

By Albert McKeon 31 Oct 2017

Chris Gardner has 15 certifications and plans on getting more. While that's paying off for his bottom line, he says, they can also help give clients peace of mind. Read More

Forge your own Azure training and certification path

By Alan R. Earls 29 Dec 2017

IT professionals who want to achieve a Microsoft Azure certification can choose their own concentrations around areas such as infrastructure management, machine learning and more. Read More