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Reimagining blockchain for the supply chain

By Shanmugasundaram M. 12 Mar 2018

Though blockchain was first envisaged for cryptocurrencies, it's finding its place in many other areas – including the supply chain, says Shan M. of Happiest Minds Technologies. Read More

The block chain supply chain. Will these chains ever meet?

By Brian McKenna 12 Oct 2017

This is a guest blogpost by Greg Kefer, vice-president, marketing, Infor. Blockchain is arguably, one of the most hyped technologies around. Despite the fact that Gartner believes that 90% of ... Read More

The supply chain sustainability software market demystified

By Pam Baker 01 Mar 2018

Consumers care about corporate social responsibility, which means companies should, too. Here's what to know about boosting CSR efforts with supply chain sustainability software. Read More

What are best practices for SAP Supply Chain Management?

By Jawad Akhtar 19 Dec 2017

Using available planning tools in SAP SCM and taking on a demand-driven mindset will help companies more adequately address modern customers' demands. Here's a look. Read More

Gartner's AI 'value chain' offers schema for assessing an AI project

By Nicole Laskowski 27 Feb 2018

Analyst Bern Elliot encourages CIOs to approach AI the way a financial advisor approaches an investment portfolio -- with a mix of high-risk and low-risk projects. Read More

Which supply chain optimization techniques can SAP ECC support?

By Jawad Akhtar 15 Feb 2018

Connecting scientific approaches to supply chain management with the technology tool of SAP ECC can help ensure a smoother flow of information and material. Read More

Open source code recycling: Know your software supply chain

By Tae-Jin (TJ) Kang 10 Jan 2018

To ensure the security of open source code that has been recycled, customers must receive the most accurate software supply chain information. Read More

CCleaner malware spread via supply chain attack

By Michael Heller 19 Sep 2017

CCleaner malware was spread to users via an infected software update for close to one month, highlighting the dangers of supply chain attacks and the need for code signing. Read More

How can supply chain greenhouse gas emissions be reduced?

By Dave Turbide 15 Dec 2017

Semi trucks are a small portion of total vehicles on the road but are a major source of pollution. Here's how leaders can help address this source of pollution. Read More

Can biometrics be the key to securing the IoT chain of trust?

By Daniel Asraf 04 Dec 2017

In today's evolving IoT landscape, biometrics is becoming an increasingly important method for authenticating individuals and securing the chain of trust. Read More