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Moving to the cloud is not easy or cheap

By Jo Harder 12 Dec 2017

It’s worth remembering that there’s always more to the cloud than you first think. Read More

Cheap ransomware as a service arrives for malicious actors

By Michael Heller 19 Apr 2017

A new type of ransomware as a service has appeared on the dark web, with unique features and an inexpensive price to attract malicious actors. Read More

How cheap eye tracking software changes the app development game

By George Lawton 19 Jun 2017

Find out what the advent of low-cost eye tracking software means for the future of both marketing and application development. Read More

Tape backup: Often old and confused, but quite cheap

By Antony Adshead 07 Dec 2016

Survey results show those with tape are likely to have old tapes, multiple formats, including defunct ones, and no way of knowing what is on them. But tape is still quite cheap for most Read More

UK labour costs are cheap but automation will erode jobs market

By Cliff Saran 24 Mar 2017

PwC has estimated that millions of people may be affected by robots and artificial intelligence replacing their jobs Read More

Marketing on the cheap: Pointers for channel partners

By Lynn Haber 08 Mar 2016

Channel partners can minimize their marketing expenditures by focusing on their existing customers, according to author Joseph Jaffe. Read More

Comprehensive guide to using cheap thin clients for VDI

22 Jul 2016

Raspberry Pi devices and Google Chromebooks are among the lowest-cost VDI thin clients, but zero clients and cheap repurposed PCs are viable alternatives. Dive into this guide on cheap thin clients to find out more. Read More

Test Hyperion EPM on the cheap with built-in software functions

By Hoa Pham 15 Aug 2016

Expert Hoa Pham details the self-styled 'Scrappy Performance Test,' a low-cost method of load testing Hyperion systems that uses features of the software instead of third-party testing tools. Read More

Could cheap Windows 10 devices + MDM be the ultimate thin clients?

By Jack Madden 11 Aug 2016

Real Windows, easy management, some local apps, some apps delivered remotely... Does this hit the right balance? Read More

How to do an advanced data analytics project on the cheap

By Niel Nickolaisen 28 Jan 2016

Delivering an advanced data analytics project to the business can cost a fortune. But with some imagination, CIOs can do it for pennies on the dollar. Niel Nickolaisen explains how. Read More