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A client is the requesting program or user in a client/server relationship.Read More

Customer success managers: Guides to client happiness

By Jason Sparapani 12 Dec 2017

Customer success managers help clients define success -- then they help them get there, according to a software vendor employee who has the title. Read More

Clients migrating to the cloud? Prepare for these challenges

By Paul Korzeniowski 06 Sep 2017

Cloud migration is far from simple: Channel partners should consider the challenges of workload allocation, application design and system dependencies when pursuing projects. Read More

Wyse announces new PC to thin client converter along with other software updates

By Jack Madden 31 Jan 2018

Wyse is also announcing ThinOS 8.5, Wyse Management Suite 1.1, and a Windows kiosk tool called Wyse Easy Setup. Read More

Deloitte hack compromised sensitive emails, client data

By Madelyn Bacon 29 Sep 2017

News roundup: During the Deloitte hack, attackers had access to client data and internal email servers. Plus, the U.S. asks China not to enforce its Cybersecurity Law, and more. Read More

Is there a Ceph client to connect Windows machines?

By Sander van Vugt 19 Sep 2017

Integrating Ceph and Windows isn't as straightforward as connecting Ceph to Linux machines. You'll need a Ceph Gateway or SUSE Enterprise Storage to get the job done. Read More

Mature HTML5-based vSphere Client can't come soon enough

By Alastair Cooke 04 Dec 2017

The new HTML5-based vSphere Client promises to fix the issues that have plagued the Web Client for years, but it isn't quite ready for its moment in the sun just yet. Read More

Will MDM have an effect on thin clients before it affects virtual desktops?

By Gabe Knuth 29 Nov 2017

Adoption of modern management for virtual desktops will almost certainly lag behind traditional desktops, but is there an opportunity to use it with thin clients? Read More

Gamification techniques for your financial services clients

17 Aug 2017

Here are three tips for channel companies looking to help financial services and insurance clients adopt gamification as part of their overarching digital business strategies. Read More