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Definitioncloud file storage

Cloud file storage is a storage service that is delivered over the Internet, billed on a pay-per-use ...Read More

Google's Elastifile buy shows need for cloud file storage

By Carol Sliwa 12 Jul 2019

Google buys partner Elastifile's scale-out file system to bolster options for enterprises looking to shift NFS-based applications to public cloud storage. Read More

Scale-out NAS: File storage with cloud and flash from big five

By Stephen Pritchard 25 Apr 2019

We run the rule over scale-out NAS from the big five storage array makers to find all-flash and hybrid-flash commonplace and use of the cloud as a tier almost ubiquitous Read More

Elastifile adds cloud file storage service on Google

By Carol Sliwa 14 Dec 2018

Elastifile's new managed Cloud File Service on the Google Cloud Platform is designed to give customers NAS storage with a self-service, software-as-a-service-type experience. Read More

Do you use cloud storage for these use cases yet?

By Stephen Pritchard 17 Jan 2020

We look at the use cases most suited to a quick transition to the cloud: backup, archiving, disaster recovery, file storage and cloud bursting – cloud storage’s low-hanging fruit Read More

Google dives into elusive cloud file storage market

By Trevor Jones 26 Jun 2018

Google Cloud Filestore may be the last piece of the puzzle for the vendor's storage services, but like its competitors' file offerings, it's far from a finished product. Read More

US hotel group ditches datacentre for Nasuni cloud NAS

By Antony Adshead 10 Feb 2020

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts got rid of its datacentre and put everything in the cloud, with Nasuni cloud NAS providing storage from which any user can restore files Read More

2019 storage mergers and acquisitions covered by clouds

By Carol Sliwa 31 Dec 2019

2019 enterprise data storage mergers and acquisitions often included a cloud angle, followed by data protection, NVMe flash and scale-out file storage. Read More

Amazon EFS Infrequent Access price drop could spur adoption

By Carol Sliwa 19 Sep 2019

Price drop for Amazon's Elastic File System Infrequent Access option could stir competitors to follow suit and fuel greater enterprise adoption of cloud file storage. Read More

NetApp Cloud Volumes gives new wrinkle to OnTap file storage

By Garry Kranz 31 Oct 2018

NetApp appends services to Data Fabric that aim to help enterprises flexibly manage their data between local storage and public clouds, including AWS, Azure and Google. Read More

Startup Komprise extends data analysis to AWS object stores

By Carol Sliwa 09 Dec 2019

Komprise's Intelligent Data Management software expands beyond file storage and tacks on module to analyze AWS cloud object storage usage and spending. Read More