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Expand KVM storage with virsh commands

By Sander van Vugt 26 Jan 2018

With a few steps -- the creation of files, the addition of XML code and the execution of commands -- you can use the virsh command-line interface to add storage to existing VMs. Read More

Use esxcli commands for vSphere management, troubleshooting

By Stuart Burns 20 Feb 2018

The esxcli command set provides administrators with an easy to use set of commands to configure, manage and troubleshoot a vSphere-based infrastructure. Read More

Use virt-install to install VMs from the command line

By Walker Rowe 15 Jan 2018

Learn the basics of virt-install, including standard use cases, executing it on CentOS 7, different command-line options and the creation of kickstart files. Read More

Execute PowerCLI commands to manage VMware infrastructure

By Stuart Burns 05 Jan 2018

PowerCLI cmdlets like Get-VM can be built out to obtain information about VMs in a VMware infrastructure, including those with attached CD-ROMs and those with snapshots. Read More

Institute Embotics vCommander for IT orchestration

By Stuart Burns 19 Dec 2017

IT orchestration systems have a plethora of benefits for an organization, and there are a wealth of options. Follow this tutorial to set up a platform that works with cloud and on-premises hosts. Read More

Net User Command Controls User Access Hours

By Ed Tittel 18 Dec 2017

Properly used, the Net User command controls user access hours for Windows users with surprising flexibility and reach. Read More

Use virsh commands to manage KVM networking

By Sander van Vugt 14 Dec 2017

Virsh commands enable you to manage network properties and can be used alongside brctl commands to help you create additional virtual bridges in your KVM environment. Read More

Network command-line interface to remain part of the mix

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 29 Nov 2017

Bloggers explore the future of network command-line interface versus APIs, Veriflow's network verification tool and hyper-converged infrastructure performance metrics. Read More

PowerShell commands for Hyper-V update bulk VM configuration

By Nirmal Sharma 03 Jan 2018

Admins who don't have access to SCVMM can make configuration changes to multiple Hyper-V VMs at once with a few PowerShell scripts and the ForEach loop approach. Read More

Hyper-V PowerShell commands for every occasion

By Ryann Burnett 06 Oct 2017

Although you can use Hyper-V Manager or SCVMM to manage your host and VMs, Hyper-V PowerShell commands are relatively straightforward and can be used for the same tasks. Read More