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A computer is a device that accepts information (in the form of digitalized data) and manipulates it for...Read More

How to blend the advantages of cloud computing with containers

By Phil Sweeney 19 Feb 2018

Containers and cloud sound like a perfect match. But how well does containerization help boost application portability? And will the effort be worth it? Read More

Prepare for these cloud computing technologies in 2018

By Kathleen Casey 29 Jan 2018

Not sure what to expect, exactly, in the cloud computing market in 2018? Three of our Advisory Board members share their top predictions. Read More

Ohio computer programmer faces 16 criminal charges over monitoring thousands of computers

By Zach Emmanuel 15 Jan 2018

A 28-year-old computer expert has been charged for monitoring thousands of computers, using a form of malware he created Read More

Rise of the decentralized and distributed mesh computer

By Chris Matthieu 11 Jan 2018

We're moving into an era of decentralized and distributed computing where everything computes together as if peer-to-peer nodes on a global mesh computer. Read More

Why an edge computing platform benefits from HCI

By Robert Sheldon 19 Dec 2017

HCI's easy implementation and management help admins solve some of the challenges of edge computing, such as distributed endpoint management and a trend toward data silos. Read More

Cognitive computing in healthcare mends doctor-patient gaps

By Scott Robinson 15 Feb 2018

Cognitive computing and healthcare data aggregation may prove to be important bedside companions to doctors treating their patients in the era of medical specialization. Read More

Why this quantum computing breakthrough is a security risk

By Bob Reselman 12 Feb 2018

Quantum computing will void pretty much all security encryption techniques and open the door to hackers. Here's how to protect your data when it does. Read More

Cisco: Cloud computing workloads to skyrocket by 2021

By Chuck Moozakis 09 Feb 2018

By 2021, Cisco says, cloud computing workloads will make up the lion's share of data center traffic as enterprises expand security, IoT and other activities in the cloud. Read More

Cloud computing ecosystem: Greater than the sum of its parts

By Jason Sparapani 07 Feb 2018

The cloud affords companies the freedom to try new things fast. But they also risk "totally losing control," says analyst Liz Herbert. A cloud computing ecosystem imposes a sense of order. Read More

The brain-computer interface comes of age?

By Nicole Laskowski 30 Nov 2017

Two entrepreneurs on the forefront of emerging tech describe their progress on developing a brain-computer interface for commercial use. Read More