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Generally, a configuration is the arrangement - or the process of making the arrangement - of the parts ...Read More

How to configure VoIP on a network

By Irwin Lazar 30 Jan 2018

VoIP configuration requires significant preplanning to meet the requirements of voice traffic. Learn the steps to take when configuring VoIP on your network. Read More

Network configuration tools: A primer

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 30 Jan 2018

Script management, intent-based systems and new strategies with network configuration tools are propelling a paradigm shift in the way that networks are managed. Read More

Selecting network configuration software for automation

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 26 Jan 2018

This week, bloggers look into choosing the right network configuration software for an automation project, endpoint security and the future of SD-WAN as a stand-alone service. Read More

How to list the Hyper-V virtual processors configured for VMs

By Nirmal Sharma 27 Mar 2018

To see virtual processors configured for VMs on the local host, execute a simple PowerShell command. For vCPUs configured for VMs on remote servers, a script is needed. Read More

IBN: Enablement for a configuration management process?

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 10 Jan 2018

How realistic are claims about intent-based networking helping organizations to enhance the network configuration management process? Read More

Assess Salt configuration management's capabilities and limitations

By Walker Rowe 13 Mar 2018

Salt's benefits for IT operations include fast configuration and flexible, responsive functioning. Get a handle on the basics of Salt, then install it to explore the tool's capabilities. Read More

Can container tools box out configuration management?

By Tom Nolle 27 Feb 2018

What will happen to your infrastructure programming skills when containers take over? Read More

Why IPv6 networks create DNS configuration problems

By Fernando Gont 20 Feb 2018

DNS data is among the most basic and crucial information required for network connectivity, but configuring DNS recursive servers in IPv6-only networks can pose challenges. Read More

Follow these VM network configuration best practices

By Stephen J. Bigelow 08 Feb 2018

Set up and operate a VM network using proven strategies to ensure security and performance. With a little planning, virtualization admins can avoid potential issues down the road. Read More

Explore Ansible for DevOps configuration management

07 Feb 2018

The configuration management tool is adept at managing workloads across different infrastructure environments. This Ansible overview preps admins to automate apps and infrastructure. Read More