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Unprotected Kubernetes consoles expose firms to cryptojacking

By Warwick Ashford 22 Feb 2018

A number of big companies have been targeted by crytojacking attacks, where cyber criminals hijack computing power to mine cryptocurrencies, but some have unprotected Kubernetes consoles in common Read More

Solving cloud console fatigue for enterprises

By Rob Wright 27 Jul 2017

Kamal Shah of Skyhigh Networks explains how his company is battling cloud console fatigue for enterprises and expanding its CASB model beyond cloud applications. Read More

What is VMware Remote Console and how do you run it?

By Vladan Seget 04 Jan 2018

A vSphere administrator can use VMware Remote Console to remotely access a VM's peripherals, configuration and desktop remotely through the vSphere Web Client. Read More

Console's cloud interconnect lets users link multiple providers

By Antone Gonsalves 17 May 2017

Console unveils a cloud interconnect service that offers a more secure and stable connection between multiple cloud providers. Read More

New client management tools feature unified consoles

28 Jun 2016

More clients used to mean more problems for IT admins, but not anymore. Today's client management tools make it possible to manage multiple device types from a single console. Read More

Retro gaming on open source 2048 console

By Adrian Bridgwater 26 Jun 2016

Retro gaming in the open source vein could be on the upswing this season. Creoqode is the London-based technology design company behind 2048, the DIY  game console with retro-style video games and ... Read More

Create a single Windows 10 management console with SCCM and Intune

By Ed Tittel 10 Oct 2016

SCCM brings inventory management to the table. Intune allows for cloud-based PC and mobile device management. Together they create a Windows 10 management platform. Read More

Console, data access most important in endpoint management tools

By Ed Tittel 21 Mar 2016

Every IT shop has different needs when it comes to endpoint management tools. Although feature and console requirements may differ, all tools must provide users with the access they need. Read More

Azure Management Console comes up short for some cloud admins

By Brien Posey 22 Jan 2016

While the Azure Management Console is a good tool for basic Azure management tasks, it may not be the best choice for advanced usage. Read More