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Data warehouse vs. data lake vs. data mart: Beyond the RDBMS

By Bridget Botelho 28 Aug 2019

There are many ways to store big data, but the choice of data warehouse vs. data lake vs. data mart comes down to who uses the data and how. Use this cheat sheet to compare. Read More

Data management roles: Data architect vs. data engineer, others

By Evelyn Bleed 13 Aug 2019

Veteran data professional Michael Bowers differentiates between key data management positions, including their salaries and which ones can add the most business value. Read More

Cloudera Data Platform to debut, as big data fortunes waver

By Sean Michael Kerner 05 Sep 2019

The interim CEO of Cloudera is cautiously optimistic about growth prospects as the big data vendor acquired Arcadia Data and planned to bolster its own cloud platform. Read More

Museums and data: A powerful combination

By Eric Avidon 23 Aug 2019

With more and more museums using data to inform their decision-making processes, visitors are reaping the benefits by enjoying a better user experience. Read More

How to unlock the true value of data

By Christian Annesley 19 Aug 2019

With a robust data architecture in place, a firm’s data science team can turn raw data into business insight Read More

How to protect data in the cloud

By Brien Posey 12 Jul 2019

Take a look at three backup methods -- on premises, cloud to local and cloud to cloud -- and find out the pros, cons and cost of each. Read More

Machine learning for data analytics can solve big data storage issues

By Brien Posey 08 Aug 2019

Discover how AI and machine learning -- with support from major vendors and technologies like Lambda architecture, FPGAs and containers -- address big data analytics challenges. Read More