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DataStax stacks data – but what is a data stack?

By Adrian Bridgwater 22 May 2019

The Computer Weekly Developer Network team is at DataStax Accelerate. DataStax is a provider of a hybrid cloud database built on Apache Cassandra. DataStax has built a set of technologies designed ... Read More

Effective data management to combat the coming data apocalypse

By Stacey Peterson 04 Jun 2019

Data management and storage are evolving to deal with the coming datasphere explosion. Learn what's happening with unstructured, IoT and cloud data, as well as storage tiering. Read More

Intelligent data management drives smarter use of copy data

By Johnny Yu 20 Jun 2019

Intelligent data management has turned copies of backup data into tools for analytics, test/dev and other use cases. But company culture prevents some organizations from adoption. Read More

Data virtualization tools promote anywhere, anytime data access

By Craig Stedman 18 Jun 2019

This online handbook examines data virtualization software and how organizations are deploying and using the technology as part of their data integration processes. Read More

The death of the data model?

By Adrian Bridgwater 14 Jun 2019

Agile developers tend to view data modeling as a bottleneck preventing them from delivering value. This is the view held by Pascal Desmarets, founder and CEO of Hackolade, a Belgium-based startup ... Read More

Deeper into the data fabric with MongoDB

By Adrian Bridgwater 18 Jun 2019

Much as we would like it to be, the Computer Weekly Developer Network and Open Source Insider team can’t be everywhere at once -- and this week, that means we’re missing MongoDB World 2019 in New ... Read More

Data modeling software tackles glut of new data sources

By George Lawton 09 May 2019

Data modeling platforms are starting to incorporate features to automate data-handling processes, but IT must still address entity resolution, data normalization and governance. Read More

Data model design tips to help standardize business data

By Craig Stedman 30 Apr 2019

Data models should be understandable to business users and kept to a reasonable scope, say the leaders of a data modeling initiative at England's Environment Agency. Read More

How to overcome the data scientist shortage

By Kassidy Kelley 31 May 2019

The industrywide data scientist shortage is leading companies like Schneider Electric to look internally for employees with a technical background and invest in training them. Read More

The business of autonomous vehicle data

By Sudha Jamthe 28 May 2019

Autonomous vehicle data comes from AI, car cognition, smart mobility and V2X. Car data can lead to new business models that can manage digital disruption on industries. IoTDisruption.com's Sudha ... Read More