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In computing, data is information that has been translated into a form that is efficient for movement or...Read More

InfluxData: Fundamentally, all sensor data is time series data

By Adrian Bridgwater 13 Mar 2018

An IoT developer is now 'a thing' - well, a person, a defined entity and a software engineering sub-discipline. In the rush and drive to provide this genre of programmer/developers with tools and ... Read More

Data pipelines need love too

By Adrian Bridgwater 16 Mar 2018

Hitachi has aligned its data analytics divisions and and fused it with its Pentaho acquisition to call the new entity Hitachi Vantara. So... Vantara… kind of sounds like ‘advantage’ with a bit of ... Read More

Data wants to be free

By Aaron Tan 16 Mar 2018

In a world where data is more readily available than ever, having analytical skills that will help you to make sense of data in day-to-day tasks is instrumental in career progression. But going by ... Read More

Data protection is critical for all businesses

By Nicholas Fearn 20 Apr 2018

Companies that misuse data or fall victim to breaches not only risk financial loss, but also reputational damage. There are many reasons good data practice is essential Read More

GDPR data protection edicts make good data governance a must

By Craig Stedman 16 Apr 2018

The European Union's new GDPR law puts the onus on companies to ensure that their data governance and management practices enable them to comply with its requirements. Read More

The rise of big data in fleet management

By María Paz Gillet Martín 18 Apr 2018

Fleet vehicles and managers, get ready for an upgrade. Jooycar's María Paz Gillet Martín explains three ways big data and IoT are affecting fleet management. Read More

How JPA and Hibernate simplify data persistence

By Chris Tozzi 17 Apr 2018

JPA is the Java standard for data persistence, especially for relational systems. Here, we explore how Hibernate and JPA work together to make database processes easier. Read More

U.S. data protection laws fall short in the age of big data

By Bridget Botelho 09 Apr 2018

Data breaches and a history of data abuse led the EU to adopt GDPR, but it might take massive scale data security crises for the U.S. to legislate similar data protection laws. Read More

Moving data from a monolith to microservices architecture

By Twain Taylor 13 Apr 2018

Monolithic apps built before microservices may contain a wealth of data within them. Transitioning to microservices will need plans for storing, accessing and backing up that data. Read More

Data: why should businesses invest in the new currency?

12 Apr 2018

Ian Belton, Sales Director Analytics EMEA, Tech Data looks at why data is so important and the reasons why money should be spent on looking after it Read More