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Definitiondata management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information...Read More

Six Nordic banks form alliance to offer KYC as a service

30 Jul 2019

Nordic Know Your Customer joint venture will create a common Nordic platform based on advanced data management technologies Read More

How APAC firms can tame the data beast

By Aaron Tan 08 Apr 2019

Companies and data management experts across Asia-Pacific reveal how they are tackling data management challenges that have been compounded by growing cloud usage and compliance requirements Read More

Investigate how copy data management systems curb data sprawl

05 Oct 2017

The top copy data management vendors offer innovative products to reduce the staggering amount of data that organizations create by replicating multiple copies of production data. Read More

NooBaa update focuses on multi-cloud data management

By Carol Sliwa 14 Feb 2018

Software-defined object storage startup NooBaa takes on unstructured data management across multiple private and public clouds with second major product release. Read More

Rubrik backup, Compellent SAN power MoA data center

By Dave Raffo 10 Jun 2019

Mall of America IT director says she'd rather have her staff working on other things -- such as data analytics -- than managing storage and data backup. Read More

Manage APIs with connectivity-led strategy to cure data access woes

By Jan Stafford 02 Aug 2018

MuleSoft founder and VP Ross Mason discusses API-led connectivity as a linchpin in an enterprise API strategy to dissolve data silos and speed adoption of new apps, such as AI and FaaS. Read More

What do GDPR principles mean for CRM data management?

By George Lawton 31 Jan 2018

Avoiding General Data Protection Regulation penalties means getting your CRM compliance program in order before the sweeping regulation goes into effect late this spring. Read More

How AI and IoT will influence data management in 2018

By Jack Vaughan 23 Jan 2018

AI and IoT will alter the data management landscape in 2018, according to analyst James Kobielus. AI will need regular updates, and DevOps will become more prevalent as a result. Read More

AI optimizes content management workflows, personalizes CX

By Linda Tucci 03 Oct 2019

AI is poised to revolutionize content management workflows, bringing order to enterprise documents, greater insights into unstructured data and delight to customers. Read More

Abhishek Tandon

Progress Software

Abhishek Tandon is data science solutions manager for Progress Software.Read More