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Definitiondata management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information...Read More

IoT data management requires mission-critical edge processing

By Scott Robinson 03 Sep 2019

To get the most out of edge data, IT pros must know how to use machine learning algorithms to designate data to real-time or traditional cloud processes. Read More

Actifio GO 'SaaSifies' copy data management in GCP

By Johnny Yu 16 Aug 2019

The new Actifio GO for GCP has expanded from backup as a service to include copy data management and disaster recovery, putting it on par with the vendor's on-premises product. Read More

Data center management as a service launches DCIM to the cloud

By Paul Korzeniowski 12 Sep 2019

DMaaS is an option for organizations that want to use cloud-based management. Though these offerings hold a lot of promise, there are concerns about cost and function. Read More

Information Builders exec talks data management ethics

By Brian Holak 30 Jul 2019

In this Q&A, James Cotton, director of the Data Management Centre of Excellence at Information Builders, offers advice on how organizations can carry out ethical data management. Read More

10 Apache Kafka best practices for data management pros

By George Lawton 27 Aug 2019

How can data management teams most effectively deploy and use Apache Kafka in data pipelines and streaming applications? Here are some key guidelines to follow. Read More

Customer data management tools shape personalization, boost CX

By Sarah Amsler 12 Aug 2019

In this guide, learn about the many tools, including customer data platforms, that collect and analyze data from disparate sources and provide a single, 360-degree customer view. Read More

Today's top data pipeline management challenges

By Maria Korolov 11 Jul 2019

IT executives say pricing models, agility and auditability are some of the biggest challenges they have faced in managing today's increasingly complex data pipelines. Read More

Apollo data graph brings managed federation to enterprises

By Sean Michael Kerner 13 Aug 2019

The new Apollo update is intended to enable organizations to federate multiple enterprise data sets more easily and use APIs to tap into disparate data sources. Read More

Chief data officers urged to master product management

By Cliff Saran 30 Jul 2019

Webscale businesses are data-driven. Data drives new application areas and fuels product development – and businesses will need a similar strategy, says analyst Read More

CW APAC: Expert advice on data management

16 May 2019

Data is growing exponentially, so managing it well is crucial to business success. In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how companies and data management experts are tackling data challenges, studies the ... Read More