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Definitiondata management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information...Read More

How a backup administrator can manage large volumes in 3 steps

By Brien Posey 13 Aug 2019

Backup administrators have a tall task: managing a vast amount of data. Even if the volume is seemingly growing out of control, it's possible to keep a handle on it. Read More

Managing the big data ecosystem requires agility amid disruptions

02 Oct 2017

In some regards, the term big data management can be viewed as an oxymoron. In fact, oxymorons abound in this industry and society -- virtual reality, artificial intelligence, science ... Read More

Veritas strengthens Azure data management functions for a more 'solid cloud'

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Sep 2017

Microsoft is working to partner with everybody and be open to everything... as we know, Microsoft loves Linux, well, now it does. In this regard then, this month we see cloud data management ... Read More

Quest data protection management adds cloud portal

By Sonia Lelii 26 Oct 2017

Quest Software, independent again after its spinoff from Dell EMC nearly a year ago, is building out its data protection portfolio with a new cloud-based management console. The Quest Data ... Read More

The emergence of a new data-centric management vendor

By Clive Longbottom 11 Aug 2017

As the edge of network disappears, it is time to look for alternative approaches than those such as firewalls. It is time to look at securing data at the point of creation through managing ... Read More

Veritas 360 Data Management embraces cloud, dedupe, NoSQL

By Sonia Lelii 19 Sep 2017

Veritas 360 platform upgrades -- including cloud deduplication for NetBackup -- dominate the opening day of the vendor's Veritas Vision 2017 user conference. Read More

Alluxio adds support for more than 1 billion files

By Carol Sliwa 14 Mar 2019

An update to Alluxio's data management software boosts scalability to more than 1 billion files, adds a POSIX API and enables a job service for replication and data transfer. Read More

Secure configuration management tasks with a certificate authority

By Stephen J. Bigelow 10 Sep 2019

A CA server is a limited shield for the data that configuration management tools collect, but IT admins can use one for many tasks -- like to create custom certificates -- and boost security. Read More

The copy data management market is starting to go mainstream

By Steve Ricketts 06 Sep 2017

Products from copy data management vendors protect and manage production data to lower storage costs, speed data access and streamline self-service access to data copies. Read More

ECX 2.6 includes intelligent data management

By Jon Toigo 06 Jul 2017

Catalogic Software's approach to snapshot creation and management delivers pragmatic features to DevOps and more with the release of ECX 2.6. Read More