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Definitiondata management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information...Read More

Using big data platforms for data management, access and analytics

23 Feb 2017

Big data architectures typically involve multiple processing platforms. In this essential guide, you'll find information and advice on managing Hadoop, Spark and other big data technologies. Read More

IBM z15 mainframe secures data across multi-cloud environments

By Ed Scannell 12 Sep 2019

IBM unveiled the latest in its line of mainframes capable of processing 1 trillion web transactions a day. The IBM z15 mainframe's software can manage data across multiple clouds. Read More

How to manage data analytics programmes and teams

By Cath Everett 20 Apr 2017

Data analytics technology won’t deliver business value by itself – it needs to be deployed, and its users organised to deliver value Read More

Data management processes take on a new tenor in analyst's view

By Jack Vaughan 21 Aug 2017

Changes in data management processes -- including self-service data preparation, data lakes and real-time analytics -- create a new landscape in companies, according to analyst Matt Aslett. Read More

11 real-time data streaming roadblocks and how to overcome them

By George Lawton 19 Jul 2019

Experts detail common challenges that IT teams encounter when deploying and managing real-time data streaming platforms and offer advice on how to address them. Read More

Cohesity DataPlatform

By Johnny Yu 10 Feb 2019

Cohesity's converged data management product gets updated with machine-driven capacity planning and case management alongside a centralized, simplified dashboard. Read More

Cisco Intersight rolls up data center management software

By Robert Gates 22 Sep 2017

Cisco is folding its data center management software into a cloud-based product, called Cisco Intersight, which will harness the collective intelligence of its customers. Read More

Data governance: The importance of getting it right

By Peter Ray Allison 31 May 2019

With ever-increasing storage capacity, organisations are needing to take more control of their file management systems with thorough data governance policies. Otherwise, they run the risk of project data being ... Read More

A strong metadata management process eases big data woes

By Scott Robinson 02 Oct 2017

Big data often comes with big data management problems. Clean, well-defined metadata can make the difference in analyzing big data and delivering actionable business intelligence. Read More

Machine learning, IoT bring big changes to data management systems

By Bridget Botelho 02 Oct 2017

Companies are using big data systems, deep learning and machine learning techniques to drive software advances. To go even further, their data management systems must also evolve. Read More