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Definitiondata management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information...Read More

Big data containers gain wider appeal in system deployments

By Craig Stedman 02 Jul 2019

This handbook examines the use of Docker containers in Kubernetes clusters to run big data systems and offers insight on container deployment and management issues. Read More

Navigate the data integration product buying process

By Rachel Meltzer 09 Apr 2019

Companies require a data integration product to help manage the constant influx of data. This buyer's guide walks through all the cases to consider before buying one. Read More

AT&T introduces managed threat detection and response service

By Sabrina Polin 30 Jul 2019

Using AlienVault threat intelligence, AT&T Cybersecurity's Managed Threat Detection and Response service intends to identify and contain cybersecurity threats sooner to reduce data breaches. Read More

AI capabilities benefit IT through data management and automation

By Ramin Edmond 14 Jul 2017

Software vendors add useful AI features to their biggest products, showing that the emerging technology is something to pay attention to, as it will change the way we work. Read More

6 steps to better third-party risk management

By Makenzie Holland 12 Jun 2019

The American Medical Collection Agency data breach exposed the hazard of dealing with service providers. Here are six steps on how to better manage third-party vendors. Read More

Hot data storage technology trends for 2019

By James Alan Miller 11 Feb 2019

Hot storage tech trends for 2019 include cheaper, denser flash and multi-cloud data management that can benefit the consumer and create better performance and data protection. Read More

Dutch road management organisation encourages startups to innovate

26 Apr 2019

Dutch highway management agency RWS is sharing data with the private sector to stimulate innovation Read More

What are the downsides of copy data storage management?

By Brien Posey 22 Feb 2017

Copy data management can help an organization lower its costs by cutting back on extraneous copies of data, but the technology can cause performance bottlenecks. Read More

Apply automation for streamlined IT asset management

By Stuart Burns 25 Jul 2019

Without accurate data, IT asset management processes fail. But, with automation and self-service capabilities, admins can efficiently track assets -- from onboarding to end of life. Read More

Screen maker uses financial analytics to foresee future

By Tony Kontzer 15 Jul 2019

Polydeck Screen Corp., a company that provides screen media solutions, adopts cloud-based management software that enables it better access to financial data. Read More