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Definitiondata management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information...Read More

Cloud-first strategy brings pharma firm to cloud-first backup

By Dave Raffo 22 Apr 2019

With no physical data center at launch, pharma spinout firm Bioverativ went to the cloud first and learned valuable lessons about storage protection and management. Read More

NoSQL data stores offer a mixed menu for managing diverse data sets

By David Loshin 31 May 2017

NoSQL databases provide alternatives to relational software for managing pools of big data. But prospective buyers need to discern between the various types of NoSQL technologies. Read More

Beat the data deluge

10 Jan 2019

The data deluge is showing no signs of abating. According to IDC, there will be 175 zettabytes of data created by 2025, thanks to the proliferation of internet of things devices – including smartphones – that are ... Read More

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.2

By Paul Crocetti 10 Feb 2019

IBM's Spectrum Protect Plus focuses on virtual data protection. Judges praised its VMware backup, instant recovery and potential for being part of overall data management strategy. Read More

Actifio copy data management sales help turn a profit

By Garry Kranz 12 Jul 2017

Actifio's copy data management platform finds favor with financial, government, healthcare and retail organizations. More than 2,200 customers use Virtual Data Pipeline. Read More

Riding the elephant: how to manage big data

21 Feb 2017

Among all the talk in recent years about what big data is, and what organisations could do with it, there has been a bit missing about how to manage big data programmes and projects, which is a prerequisite of ... Read More

Real-time big data analytics brings change to data management

By Jack Vaughan 25 Jan 2017

Real-time big data analytics calls for changes in the way data systems are built. Some of the pressing challenges are discussed in this edition of the Talking Data podcast. Read More

Waking up to benefits of copy data management software

By Jason Sparapani 30 Jan 2017

Rosetta Stone finds sees benefits in copy data management software, including easier management of hardware resources and disaster recovery in the cloud. Read More

Cloud big data clusters test users on migration, management

By Craig Stedman 11 Oct 2017

There are good reasons to move big data systems to the cloud, but doing so also poses challenges for IT teams on migrating workloads and then managing clusters and system instances. Read More

Rubrik Cloud Data Management supports Microsoft, Nutanix hypervisors

By Sonia Lelii 14 Jun 2017

The Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform has been beefed up with upgrades that are in line with the data protection startup's mission to be a full-scale cloud data management platform. Rubrik's ... Read More