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Definitiondata management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information...Read More

A fast data architecture whizzes by traditional data management tools

By Paul Korzeniowski 17 Nov 2016

New types of information, and the need to immediately access it, are reshaping the big data market into the fast data market. New data management platforms have emerged and are jockeying for acceptance. Read More

Southern Water’s centralised data team geared for silo busting

By Brian McKenna 16 Jan 2019

Southern Water has centralised its data specialists and overhauled its data management and business intelligence technology to support business decision-making at scale Read More

Three approaches to strategic data management: Good, better and best

By Jason Buffington 07 Jun 2017

It's time organizations take a more mature and sophisticated approach to data management techniques and make the most of the data they generate and consume. Read More

Log management: Helping IT admins to achieve infrastructure-wide visibility

By Stuart Burns 01 Aug 2019

When properly configured and deployed, log management tools can unearth a veritable treasure trove of data that IT administrators can use to triage and diagnose problems in enterprise IT infrastructures Read More

Manage containers alongside other technologies in the data center

By Ryann Burnett 28 Apr 2017

The rise of containers in the data center isn't an isolated trend; different types of environments use them with microservices and alongside VMs. Read More

How machine learning in data centers optimizes operations

By Julia Borgini 22 Jul 2019

Machine learning can help manage your data center more efficiently and address power consumption concerns and hardware maintenance. Today's tools make implementation easy and effective. Read More

ERP reporting tool brings real estate firm closer to its data

By Jim O'Donnell 02 Jul 2019

Spreadsheet Server from Insightsoftware saves a real estate management firm time creating reports from its operational ERP system data and improving reporting processes. Read More

Veeam’s business soars in APAC, acquisitions on the cards

By Aaron Tan 18 Mar 2019

The backup, recovery and data management hotshot expects to grow its APAC business by about 40% this year, with an eye on acquisitions in adjacent market segments Read More

Quiz: What's your IQ on data lake implementation and management?

By Tréa Lavery 11 Jul 2017

A data lake can provide lots of analytics value to an organization. This quiz can tell you if you know what it takes to deploy and manage one; it also contains info to help boost your knowledge. Read More

Digital business is connected business, says KuppingerCole

By Warwick Ashford 14 May 2019

Businesses need to unlock data, rethink identity and access management, and capitalise on artificial intelligence in the digital era, says KuppingerCole Read More