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Definitiondata management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information...Read More

What data management challenges do analytics programs face?

By Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D. 26 Nov 2018

Expert Anne Marie Smith shares five reasons why organizations' analytics programs might fail and how a data management framework and other programs can help. Read More

Igneous enhances unstructured data management product

By Antony Adshead 23 Oct 2018

Specialist Igneous allows customers to backup and archive, search, manage, move and handle large sets of unstructured files that mainstream NAS can find difficult to handle Read More

5 ways to manage multiple data sources for high-performance apps

By Tom Nolle 28 Feb 2019

Applications can pull from and work with data from multiple sources, as long as the app design incorporates these five fundamental data management and mapping techniques. Read More

Find the best EHR software to manage your patient data

By Alicia Landsberg 22 Feb 2019

EHR software is required for most health organizations but is available with a variety of features from different vendors. Learn which system offers what your business needs. Read More

The gradual evolution of master data management software

By Andy Hayler 27 Sep 2018

Master data management kicked off with a bang in 2004, then hit a few roadblocks before data governance was embraced by the industry. Expert Andy Hayler looks back at the MDM journey. Read More

Automated data management is a crucial part of IT's future

By Jon Toigo 05 Nov 2018

Automating data management will play an important role in helping us cope with the coming zettabyte apocalypse, a time when the amount of data generated will overwhelm storage resources. Read More

SAP Enterprise Asset Management targets IIoT data

By Jim O'Donnell 12 Dec 2018

Manufacturers are using IIoT data they gather with the SAP Enterprise Asset Management platform to provide predictive maintenance services to customers and to sell machine uptime. Read More

Backup management process: Which data sets not to back up

By Nick Cavalancia 16 Nov 2018

Your backup strategy does not necessarily need to include backing up everything. Believe it or not, there are elements that do not require constant backup. Read More

Australia needs better cloud and data management capabilities

By Beverley Head 08 Nov 2018

Use of cloud services is soaring in Australia, but a lack of cloud management skills is holding back enterprises from reaping the full benefits of the technology Read More

Komprise data management helps Boone County archive to Azure

By Carol Sliwa 03 Dec 2018

Komprise's data management software helps Indiana's Boone County government archive unstructured data in Azure cloud storage and reduce on-site storage. Read More