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Definitiondata management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information...Read More

Align enterprise data architecture, governance for 'quick wins'

By Evelyn Bleed 29 Aug 2019

Data management consultant Donna Burbank outlines how binding business and IT governance together effectively hinges on a comprehensive enterprise data architecture. Read More

Four first steps for customer data management

28 Jun 2018

Forrester's Mike Gualtieri details how to develop a unified plan to manage customer data that gives business users what they need to manage CRM programs. Read More

5 strategies to address the GDPR data management conundrum

By George Lawton 17 Aug 2018

As IT executives continue to wrap their heads around GDPR, strategies are emerging to ease its data management compliance burden. Here are five that are already proving effective. Read More

GoodData BI customers now able to use data on Amazon Redshift

By Eric Avidon 08 Oct 2019

GoodData partners with Amazon Web Services to allow the vendor's users to store and manage their data in Amazon Redshift, a cloud data warehouse powered by AWS. Read More

Tableau 2019.3 highlighted by enhanced AI, new data catalog

By Eric Avidon 18 Sep 2019

Tableau released its third-quarter update Wednesday, featuring Explain Data, an enhanced augmented intelligence tool, and Tableau Catalog, a data management suite. Read More

11 features to look for in data quality management tools

By David Loshin 16 Oct 2018

As the need for quality data has increased, so have the capabilities of data quality tools. Learn how collaboration, data lineage and other features enable data quality. Read More

NetApp motivating wider portfolio adoption

By Simon Quicke 27 Sep 2019

Data management player keen for partners to take on more products and sell solutions that tap into customer digital transformation needs Read More

7 steps to a successful data lake implementation

By David Loshin 08 Oct 2019

Flooding a Hadoop cluster with data that isn't well organized and managed can stymie analytics efforts. Take these steps to help make your data lake accessible and usable. Read More

Scality Zenko goes GA for multi-cloud data management

By Carol Sliwa 20 Sep 2018

Scality launches Zenko 1.0 multi-cloud data controller software, offering a commercially supported enterprise edition and a freely available open source version. Read More

GDPR, AI intensify privacy and data protection compliance demands

By Craig Stedman 21 Aug 2019

This guide covers the challenges data management teams face on data protection and privacy, particularly with the rise of GDPR and similar laws and the growing use of AI tools. Read More