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Definitiondata management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information...Read More

A data protection system plus management creates value, risk

By Alastair Cooke 11 Sep 2018

As new data protection products enable more frequent backups, they are also veering into production elements. Be careful, though, with how you use these management capabilities. Read More

Hitachi Vantara updates Pentaho 8.3 to expand DataOps vision

By Sean Michael Kerner 30 Jul 2019

Hitachi Vantara's new Pentaho update brings DataOps capabilities for data management to help organizations derive better data insights. Read More

Three master data management strategies to boost CRM-ERP success

By Tony Kontzer 28 Sep 2018

'Bad data' circulating through a company's ERP environment will likely cause interfaces to fail. Learn how one business leader is cleaning things up. Read More

Governance, compliance, ethics in data mining: Separate but equal

By Donald Farmer 27 Aug 2019

In the ethical mining and analysis of data, governance, compliance and ethics are mistakenly taken as one in the same. Data managers need to be aware of the critical differences. Read More

GDPR checklist items data managers might have overlooked

By George Lawton 09 Aug 2018

Now that the General Data Protection Regulation has been implemented, it's a good time for organizations to make sure they haven't missed any GDPR best practices. Read More

Data backup systems supplement wares with management features

By Brien Posey 13 Jun 2018

With data so important to companies, backup vendors are seeking to provide a better window into its overall lifecycle, including such elements as compliance and analytics. Read More

Managing storage for IoT data at the enterprise edge

By Alan R. Earls 16 May 2018

Edge computing, the cloud and internet of things data are changing the way businesses store, analyze and manage all the information generated at the perimeter of the enterprise. Read More

Qlik-Podium acquisition aims to boost BI data management

By Shaun Sutner 25 Jul 2018

With its acquisition of Podium Data, Qlik seeks to amplify its enterprise BI data management capabilities and raise the level of competition with Tableau and Power BI. Read More

Why data centers need log management tools

By Jessica Lulka 22 Jun 2018

Log files contain rich and useful management data. With the right software tools and a few navigation tips, you can maximize and implement the information that logs provide. Read More

Can integrating data protection and management work?

By Brien Posey 11 Apr 2018

While you may want to jump on the data management and protection train, consider first how combining the two in one product will affect your systems and users. Read More