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Definitiondata management

Data management is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information...Read More

What's the role of metadata in unstructured data management?

By Scott D. Lowe 04 Sep 2019

Discover how to expand your organization's use of metadata to improve the management and storage of unstructured data to make it more organized and accessible. Read More

Data management roles: Data architect vs. data engineer, others

By Evelyn Bleed 13 Aug 2019

Veteran data professional Michael Bowers differentiates between key data management positions, including their salaries and which ones can add the most business value. Read More

The realities of unstructured data management revealed

By James Alan Miller 08 Aug 2019

Managing and gleaning business value from unstructured data is of utmost importance to enterprises today. Our infographic outlines the challenges respondents face. Read More

Clearsense uses Unravel Data for AI in performance management

By Mark Labbe 20 Sep 2019

Unravel Data uses AI in performance management to power its APM platform. Clearsense turned to Unravel to get automated optimizations and enable multi-cloud support. Read More

Effective data management to combat the coming data apocalypse

By Stacey Peterson 04 Jun 2019

Data management and storage are evolving to deal with the coming datasphere explosion. Learn what's happening with unstructured, IoT and cloud data, as well as storage tiering. Read More

IoT data management requires mission-critical edge processing

By Scott Robinson 03 Sep 2019

To get the most out of edge data, IT pros must know how to use machine learning algorithms to designate data to real-time or traditional cloud processes. Read More

Data center management as a service launches DCIM to the cloud

By Paul Korzeniowski 12 Sep 2019

DMaaS is an option for organizations that want to use cloud-based management. Though these offerings hold a lot of promise, there are concerns about cost and function. Read More

Actifio GO 'SaaSifies' copy data management in GCP

By Johnny Yu 16 Aug 2019

The new Actifio GO for GCP has expanded from backup as a service to include copy data management and disaster recovery, putting it on par with the vendor's on-premises product. Read More

Intelligent data management drives smarter use of copy data

By Johnny Yu 20 Jun 2019

Intelligent data management has turned copies of backup data into tools for analytics, test/dev and other use cases. But company culture prevents some organizations from adoption. Read More

Information Builders exec talks data management ethics

By Brian Holak 30 Jul 2019

In this Q&A, James Cotton, director of the Data Management Centre of Excellence at Information Builders, offers advice on how organizations can carry out ethical data management. Read More