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How are middleboxes affecting the TLS 1.3 release date?

By Loganaden Velvindron 25 Jan 2018

Despite fixing important security problems, the official TLS 1.3 release date keeps getting pushed back, in part due to failures in middlebox implementations. Read More

Official TLS 1.3 release date: Still waiting, and that's OK

By Peter Loshin 29 Dec 2017

Protocol scrutiny is good for the upcoming TLS 1.3 update as the process continues to expose, and fix, problems. Read More

Is your data center certification knowledge up to date?

By Tim Culverhouse 19 Sep 2017

While the Uptime Institute was once the standard for data center certification, challenges from Switch, OSDA and others threaten to shake up the market. Take this quiz to certify your knowledge. Read More

Great Win10 Date/Time Calendar Trick

By Ed Tittel 18 Aug 2017

Once again, Ed Bott strikes gold as he explains a great Win10 Date/Time Calendar trick: fast, easy, and instantly available. Read More

Court dates set for Post Office accounting system trials

By Karl Flinders 30 Oct 2017

An end is in sight for sub-postmasters’ campaign against alleged wrongful prosecution, which they blame on a faulty computer system Read More

Daisy and Redcentric named HSCN compliant as launch date nears

By Alex Scroxton 04 Oct 2017

Managed service providers Daisy Group and Redcentric have both been named as HSCN-compliant suppliers as the network service launch date nears Read More

How can I ensure recovery time objectives are up to date?

By Paul Kirvan 25 Sep 2017

As the desired recovery time objective continues to decrease, make sure your organization can handle it with the proper technology, employees and testing. Read More

Current MS Drivers Show Vista 2006 Date

By Ed Tittel 17 May 2017

Turns out there's an excellent reason why current MS Drivers show Vista 2006 date. That's how MS avoids conflicts with mfgr or OEM drivers. Read More

Public sector IT suppliers demand clarity over G-Cloud 10 launch date

By Caroline Donnelly 24 Nov 2017

G-Cloud listed IT suppliers are getting concerned that the next iteration of the framework agreement could be delayed by up to a year, and claim it could harm the public sector’s digital transformation efforts Read More

IoT mergers and acquisitions update: 2017 year to date

By James Turino 14 Jul 2017

James Turino of Drake Star Partners provides an update of IoT mergers and acquisitions in 2017, as well as a private placement update. Read More