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In computer technology, a default (noun, pronounced dee-FAWLT) is a predesigned value or setting that is...Read More

Friday Notebook, March 23: G Suite will enable basic mobility management by default

By Jack Madden 23 Mar 2018

Also: The future of RDSH in Windows Server 2019; a mobile-like push for Edge; early Windows 10 on Qualcomm reviews; and much more. Read More

Default Switch Makes Hyper-V Networking Dead Simple

By Ed Tittel 27 Nov 2017

The predefined Default Switch makes Hyper-V networking dead simple in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update aka Version 1709. Read More

Default AWS S3 encryption walls off vulnerable customer data

By Trevor Jones 10 Nov 2017

S3 encryption is now the default setting for the AWS storage service in response to a string of high-profile cases where users exposed data to the internet. Read More

'Secure by default' should be the motto for all IoT device manufacturers

By Dan Timpson 08 Nov 2017

Taking a 'secure by default' approach and building security into IoT from the start, says DigiCert's Dan Timpson, is vital to safeguarding the connected ecosystem. Read More

All EU countries sign up to implement digital-by-default services

By Lis Evenstad 06 Oct 2017

Declaration reaffirms commitment to bring public sector services into the digital age and improve citizens’ interaction with government Read More

How to modify rules in a default OpenStack security group

By Sander van Vugt 24 May 2017

OpenStack security groups allow admins to control traffic into cloud computing instances. But is it possible to change the rules within a default group? Read More

DISKPART Script Fixes Default Win10 Disk Layout

By Ed Tittel 21 Jun 2017

In the third and final element of this 3-part series, we show how a DISKPART script fixes default Win10 disk layout issues. Read More

Exploring Win10 Clean Install Default Disk Layout

By Ed Tittel 19 Jun 2017

Let's go Exploring Win10 clean install default disk layout to understand why it poses upgrade issues, and how to do it right the first time. Read More

Microsoft to disable SMBv1 by default in fall Windows updates

By Michael Heller 15 Jun 2017

Microsoft claims recent WannaCry attacks did not influence the decision to disable SMBv1 by default in the next major Windows updates. Read More

Google and Microsoft herald death of Flash with default browser blocks

By Michael Heller 16 Dec 2016

Microsoft followed Google's lead in promising to block Flash Player content by default in some situations and experts say the moves should expedite the death of Flash. Read More