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UK delivers growth for CDW

By Simon Quicke 07 Feb 2018

Full year numbers from the US firm indicate that the UK performed well over the course of last year Read More

Commercial PC market continues to deliver

By Simon Quicke 01 Feb 2018

An analysis of the market from Context indicates that the year ended strongly for those selling into the commercial market Read More

Softcat continues to deliver the goods

By Simon Quicke 18 Oct 2017

Investors who put their faith in Softcat continue to see that decision repaid as the firm updated the market on the full fiscal year numbers Read More

The internet of things and SharePoint deliver business benefits

By Ritesh Mehta 07 Feb 2018

Microsoft's SharePoint remains an in-demand business platform for organizations all over the world. Combined it with IoT to reap even more benefits. Read More

Beyond the hype: How big data projects are delivering

07 Feb 2018

This e-guide collates a group of examples of big data technologies in use, such as how Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport are looking to gain an edge on the competition in the Grand Prix season. Also see how big ... Read More

IoT projects need to deliver growth

By Simon Quicke 07 Feb 2018

Those pitching IoT solutions have underlined the importance of showing customers the positive results Read More

Big bang not the way to deliver digital transformation

By Simon Quicke 25 Jan 2018

Managed services player Claranet has looked into the market and exposed a series of challenges for those trying to pitch digital transformation Read More

AI in retail delivers next-generation online personalization

By Steve Robins 19 Dec 2017

Today, many companies market to broad segments because it's more efficient than one-to-one outreach. But each consumer has specific needs and wants. AI promises to fix this. Read More

MicroScope: Channel delivering growth

06 Sep 2017

When vendors start looking for growth one of the first places they turn is to the channel. Plans to ramp up revenues rely on reaching fresh customers and cracking vertical markets. It is not just enough to sign up... Read More

IoT projects need to deliver revenue quickly

By Simon Quicke 20 Nov 2017

Some of those involved with selling IoT expect next year to be busy but warn that customers cannot wait for the technology to deliver revenue Read More