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Why deploy desktop and application virtualization?

By Robert Sheldon 13 Feb 2018

Virtualizing desktops and apps can enable tighter security and a more agile environment and can simplify maintenance and enhance productivity, particularly for remote workers. Read More

APIs deployment on serverless frameworks catching on

By Jan Stafford 09 Feb 2018

In a stealthy way, serverless APIs have moved out of the “shiny new thing” phase to being enterprise software developers’ favorite way to bypass development overhead when delivering applications, ... Read More

How should enterprises deploy group collaboration software?

By Jon Arnold 09 Feb 2018

Multiple communication platforms will make collaboration management difficult for IT. Overall efficiency will be reduced with too many different apps in one enterprise. Read More

Harnessing hybrid deployment

12 Dec 2017

Computer Weekly explores how the success of hybrid deployment hinges on the network Read More

Where does NFV deployment stand today?

By Lee Doyle 17 Jan 2018

Network expert Lee Doyle explains the status of NFV deployment in 2018 and how open source, 5G and the internet of things can drive future changes. Read More

Container deployment and the container management system

By Tom Nolle 03 Jan 2018

Containers improve resource usage and operations both in data centers and the cloud. Discover more about their architecture and how this software works to achieve these benefits. Read More

Follow the recipe for successfully deploying VDI

By Alastair Cooke 18 Dec 2017

When creating the recipe for a successful VDI deployment, IT needs to include automated build processes, hypervisor clusters, golden VMs and more. Read More

Eight tips to roll a service or app into an AWS deployment

By Stephen J. Bigelow 12 Feb 2018

With dozens of services available, it can be a challenge to integrate new services or apps into an AWS deployment. Use these eight tips to get started. Read More

Choose the right container deployment strategy and software

08 Feb 2018

To choose the right container management software, first, determine the container strategy you need, and then, evaluate what platforms fulfill these needs best. Read More

Four types of cloud KPIs to track and optimize a deployment

By Stephen J. Bigelow 31 Jan 2018

After migration, it's important to ensure the cloud is a valuable asset to your business. These four types of metrics can help you monitor user satisfaction, IT costs and more. Read More