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Designing for the identity of things

By Geoff Webb 31 Aug 2017

The 'identity of things' alone won't solve IoT's security woes, but Micro Focus' Geoff Webb says it will significantly influence the IoT worldview. Read More

What are some elements of sustainable product design?

By Dave Turbide 10 Nov 2017

With waste from electronics, plastics and other materials growing at a frightening rate, manufacturers can help address the problem with sustainable product design efforts. Read More

Why you need to design for analytics to succeed at IoT

By Dean Hamilton 18 Jan 2018

Timely, reliable, accessible, trustworthy analytics is the future battlefield on which IoT wars will ultimately be won or lost. Read More

Who is responsible for software development and design?

By Jason Grant 26 Oct 2017

Can developers and designers ever meet in the middle? And if so, how can they speak the same language? Expert Jason Grant offers tried-and-true advice for making it work. Read More

DesignOps: Bridging the developer, designer communication gap

By Darryl K. Taft 05 Jul 2017

DesignOps, based on DevOps concepts and practices, helps to optimize developer and designer communication and collaboration to produce better products, faster. Read More

How website design and development processes integrate with IoT

By Ritesh Mehta 14 Dec 2017

IoT continues to have a great impact on web development and design as more and more organizations are integrating it into their web design process. Read More

Database architecture design has to guard against DBMS chaos

By Andy Hayler 08 Dec 2017

The proliferation of database technologies gives organizations more options to meet data processing needs. However, a strong architecture strategy is a must to avoid a DBMS free-for-all. Read More

A low-code User eXperience ‘design language’

By Adrian Bridgwater 08 Dec 2017

Mendix Atlas UI is a low-code tool intended for software application developers who find themselves bereft of any perceptible level of ‘front-end’ development or UI design skills. Atlas can be used ... Read More

Twilio Studio visual builder eases communications design

By Tsahi Levent-Levi 05 Dec 2017

The CPaaS market continues to evolve, as Twilio Studio offers a visual drag-and-drop interface that could reduce the reliance on developers to build communications tools. Read More

UX design exerts greater impact on application development

By Valerie Silverthorne 04 Dec 2017

UX experts examine the complicated behind-the-scenes world of modern software development. Learn about the roles of design, testing and business in the user experience. Read More