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How to develop a UX workflow

By Jason Grant 31 Jan 2018

This approach to UX improves software design, whether your goal is to build a new product, modernize a legacy one or improve functionality and features. Read More

Developers at the mobile edge

By Rob Bamforth 29 Jan 2018

We look at the challenges and opportunities to be found in creating mobile apps for an expanding array of devices Read More

What are the emerging trends in software development?

By George Lawton 31 Jan 2018

It's not about the quantity of software releases, but about the quality, according to industry experts. Look for test automation, a big role for cloud and another telling trend. Read More

Simplify mobile app development for the enterprise

By Erica Mixon 22 Jan 2018

Without the right resources, app dev can be complicated. Start out the process on the right foot and have all the best tools in your arsenal to avoid a development dilemma. Read More

What are the advantages of rapid application development?

By Robert Sheldon 05 Jan 2018

RMAD requires less know-how, but still reduces the costs and risks typically involved in a traditional app build. Delve into the advantages of adopting RMAD products. Read More

What ‘born in the cloud’ means for developers

By Adrian Bridgwater 07 Nov 2017

When it comes to building cloud-native apps, developers must code with an inherent appreciation for where processing, storage and analytics happens Read More

The ethics of software development

07 Nov 2017

In this week’s Computer Weekly, with big names such as Uber and Volkswagen being called out for using software to cheat the system, we look at professionalism and ethics in software development. We assess the ... Read More

Blockchain for developers, where do we start?

By Adrian Bridgwater 03 Jan 2018

The Computer Weekly Developer Network wants to know what’s next for software engineers, that much you already know. In that regard then, we want to know how developer-programmers should be thinking ... Read More

A mobile app security checklist for developers

By Robert Sheldon 27 Dec 2017

When developing an app, security should be the number one priority. Review these tips for ensuring rock-solid security for your enterprise mobile app. Read More

Social media key to future of learning and development

By Albert McKeon 20 Feb 2018

Employees aren't just wasting time on social media; some are learning the career skills that will take them to the next level. Here's why that matters to your organization. Read More