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A directory is, in general, an approach to organizing information, the most familiar example being a ...Read More

Monitor Active Directory replication via PowerShell

By Nirmal Sharma 08 Dec 2017

Most enterprises rely on Active Directory to control access to resources on the network. Here's how admins can use PowerShell to check the health of the replication process. Read More

Okta drives a new trajectory for directories

By Adrian Bridgwater 29 Aug 2017

Cloud identity authentication specialist Okta has used its Oktane 2017 conference and exhibition to extend the capabilities of its Okta Identity Cloud platform. To clarify, the firm now brings ... Read More

Automate Active Directory jobs with PowerShell scripts

By Adam Bertram 21 Jul 2017

Much of what admins do in Active Directory is not exactly cutting-edge, and they don't want to waste time on mundane tasks. A dash of PowerShell can speed things along. Read More

How to use Azure Active Directory differently than classic AD

By Stuart Burns 10 Jul 2017

Windows administrators can't just whip up an Azure Active Directory deployment and expect it to mimic the classic AD, but Azure AD has several meaningful uses. Read More

Implementing a custom user registry to consolidate LDAP servers and active directories?

By Cameron McKenzie 14 Aug 2017

Should you implement a custom user registry to help mitigate access to your various LDAP servers in order to simplify security tasks such as authentication and group association? The answer to that ... Read More

Configure Azure Active Directory SSO service and avoid delays

By Steve Goodman 10 Jul 2017

ADFS won't work for single sign-on in Outlook or Skype for Business by itself. Configure Azure Active Directory SSO and save your users time and energy. Read More

Debug an Active Directory domain join failure on Windows Server

By Brien Posey 22 Jun 2017

The domain join process typically works without issue. But when a device can't connect to Active Directory, the administrator must seek the culprit from the usual suspects. Read More

Amazon Cloud Directory adds and removes flexibility

By Trevor Jones 27 Jan 2017

Amazon Cloud Directory brings a cloud-native approach to data management and moves away from traditional models, but it isn't without tradeoffs for enterprise IT. Read More

How to ease AWS Active Directory integration

By Stephen J. Bigelow 08 Sep 2016

Establishing a hybrid cloud is challenging enough without having to worry about management hassles. How can we connect and apply our existing Active Directory to AWS resources? Read More