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In general, a domain is an area of control or a sphere of knowledge.Read More

CISSP Domain 8: Software development security explained

21 Feb 2018

If you're studying for the CISSP exam, don't miss this special Security School on Domain 8. Review important concepts in software development security and sharpen your skills. Read More

Domain 8: Security in software development lifecycle quiz

By (ISC) 2 21 Feb 2018

Understanding the ins and outs of the software development lifecycle is pivotal to passing Domain 8 of the CISSP exam. Are you ready? Find out with this practice quiz. Read More

CISSP Domain 4: Network security

09 Oct 2017

Brush up on network security fundamentals like segmentation and secure routing in this CISSP exam study guide for Domain 4, Communication and Network Security. Read More

CISSP Domain 6: The importance of security assessments and testing

19 Dec 2017

Security assessment and testing should be baked into your regular IT workflows so that you’re able to spot software vulnerabilities before they turn into full-blown attacks. Read More

CISSP Domain 6 quiz: Vulnerabilities in software

By (ISC) 2 18 Dec 2017

Domain 6 of the CISSP exam tests how well you understand the security assessment and testing strategies needed to recognize, prevent and remedy vulnerabilities in software. Read More

Get ready for CISSP Domain 7: Cyberattack prevention quiz

By (ISC) 2 13 Feb 2018

Do you know what it takes to stop bad guys in their tracks? Find out with this practice quiz on cybersecurity methods and tools used to thwart or recover from an attack. Read More

Set up remote domains to control Exchange messaging

By Brien Posey 21 Nov 2017

Administrators can configure a remote domain to perform particular tasks, such as converting certain email formats and stopping users from forwarding messages to another domain. Read More

Dell EMC unveils the DD3300, its latest Data Domain appliance

By Sonia Lelii 05 Feb 2018

Dell EMC's latest addition to the Data Domain line targets SMBs and enterprises with remote offices. The system includes Data Domain Boost technology and cloud tiering software. Read More

Winning the Domain Game

By Bob Tarzey 20 Apr 2017

The domain name system (DNS) is fundamental to providing reliable Internet access. Despite this, many organisations neglect DNS, relying with over-complex infrastructure with poor insight, ... Read More

CISSP Domain 4 quiz: Network security basics

By (ISC) 2 09 Oct 2017

Think you know network security basics inside and out? Take this 10-question quiz to find out how well you’ve prepared for Domain 4 of the CISSP exam. Read More