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SQL view that SELECTS on functions

By Kent Milligan 17 Aug 2005

This user was having an issue with his SQL view on his iSeries that SELECTS on a few functions. Db2 Expert Kent Milligan explained what was going on. Read More

Migration prep, part 3: Manual migration from MS SQL Server to MySQL

By Jan Stafford 21 Mar 2005

It's no small feat to manually migrate an enterprise from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL, but it can be done. Here, Mike Sheffey, CEO of Versora, gives step-by-step instructions for two manual tasks: moving the data... Read More

In-depth: What's in store for our data?

20 Sep 2010

Storage is becoming a pivotal resource in IT, as data volumes continue to rise. Danny Bradbury charts the latest happenings in this crucial area. Things must have been very tense in the dry, airless corridors of HP... Read More

Mainframe serviceability using SMP/E

By Robert Crawford 24 Sep 2007

This column will show how to keep current hold data and an SMP/E report that flags the fixes you have to worry about. Read More

The IMA Data Store - Citrix MetaFrame XP

By Brian Madden 20 Jul 2007

Let's take a look at the components of a MetaFrame XP server farm that maintain information that does not change frequently. This information is stored in a database called the IMA data store. Read More