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D-Link, Iomega, Pivot3 add surveillance storage

By Sonia Lelii 21 Sep 2011

D-Link expands its iSCSI platform for surveillance storage, EMC Iomega partners with Axis, and Pivot3 adds storage appliance for video. Read More

Send an Exchange NDR report to a postmaster mailbox

By Richard Luckett 30 Jun 2014

There isn't an option in Exchange to send non-delivery reports to intended recipients, but you can send copies to a postmaster mailbox. Here's how. Read More

Can I populate tables in MS ACCESS and upload to the Oracle server?

10 Jul 2008

Database Design and Architecture expert Brian Peasland explains his procedure for populating tables in MS ACCESS and upload it to the Oracle server. Read More

Print Partitioned Data Set (PDS) sequentially

10 Nov 2008

The IEBPTPCH utility on MVS can help you to print the members of a Partitioned Data Set (PDS) together in a sequential data set. Read More

Create ODBCs from a command line

06 Oct 2003

Create ODBCs from a command line Read More

Set up ODBC data source with Lotus Script

09 Sep 2002

This tip describes how to set up an ODBC data source with Lotus Script. Read More

Customize Exchange 2007 mail quota messages from the command line

By Serdar Yegulalp 17 Jul 2007

Learn about a PowerShell scripting feature called cmdlets that lets you customize Exchange 2007 mail quota warnings and Delivery Status Notification messages from the command line. Read More