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Email collaboration evolves in the modern enterprise

By Jonathan Dame 16 Feb 2018

Messaging apps are great for team collaboration, but bridging the gap between internal and external communication remains a hurdle. That's why vendors are developing tools to improve email collaboration. Read More

Email attacks and incident detection top security challenges

By Warwick Ashford 22 Feb 2018

Email inboxes are the weakest link in security perimeters, and companies struggle with detecting security incidents quickly and accurately, a report finds Read More

How are tech support scams using phishing emails?

By Nick Lewis 21 Feb 2018

Threat actors are using phishing email campaigns to fool users with tech support scams and fake Blue Screens of Death. Learn how these campaigns work with expert Nick Lewis. Read More

Accommodating GDPR email marketing regulations a top priority

By George Lawton 29 Dec 2017

Between new GDPR email marketing regulations and questions about AI, the marketing automation trends to watch might include an AI slowdown. Experts give mixed opinions. Read More

Office 365 email encryption options grow for enterprise needs

By Steve Goodman 01 Mar 2018

Each enterprise has different needs when it comes to preventing data leakage. Admins should be aware of the Office 365 mailbox and encryption features that help the organization meet its requirements. Read More

Relaxed security lets email phishing sink an organization

By Kevin Beaver 04 Dec 2017

Email phishing attacks are often the result of incomplete security. IT pros must follow a strict security protocol to protect organizations from these types of vulnerabilities. Read More

The best email security comes through strategy and tactics

By Brenda L. Horrigan 09 Nov 2017

The best email security policy requires a holistic approach of the issue, understanding both the problem's scope and the most likely threats. Read More

Email security issues: How to root out and solve them

By Kevin Beaver 09 Nov 2017

Effectively tackling email security issues requires infosec pros to address a broad range of areas, including cloud, endpoints, user training and more. Read More

Dmarc email validation – we're doing it all wrong

By Ed Tucker 02 Nov 2017

Dmarc is a hugely important way to reduce email fraud – just ask HMRC – but it also makes email marketing campaigns far more effective Read More

Email security retrospection

By Rob Bamforth 07 May 2017

Keeping anything safe and secure involves multiple considerations. Avoid putting yourself in danger, put up a protective ‘shield’, detect when that is compromised, take mitigating action. When it ... Read More