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What historical employee data should go to Employee Central?

By Luke Marson 28 Nov 2017

Replication goes far if you still need SAP HCM for some things. If migration is inevitable, you must choose what to move, how to move it and what happens to the data left behind. Read More

Employee assessments drive leadership software from ADP

By Shaun Sutner 05 Mar 2018

An entrepreneurial unit within ADP has developed machine learning-powered leadership coaching software that delivers feedback from frank employee assessment of managers. Read More

Limeade releases new employee engagement software

By Shaun Sutner 19 Feb 2018

HR tech news roundup: Employee engagement software vendor Limeade expands platform and releases inclusion module for large enterprises seeking more diverse workforces. Read More

What the Hawthorne effect reveals about employee experience

By Diann Daniel 11 Dec 2017

The phenomenon of the Hawthorne effect is used to support ideas about employee needs, including your potential HR technology choices. Here's why you should be wary of that. Read More

Employee experience strategy pivotal to digital workplaces

By Shraddha Kakade 07 Feb 2018

Carol Rozwell, an analyst on Gartner's digital workplace team, discusses employee experience strategy, the bigger role ahead for IT and the need to redesign workspaces. Read More

Seven creative strategies for reducing employee stress

By James A. Martin 02 Feb 2018

Americans are stressed, and job anxieties are a major cause. Here's what some employers are doing to make sure their employees are happy -- and not looking for their next gig. Read More

Secrets of winning at your employee experience strategy

By Diann Daniel 02 Feb 2018

Marketing software company HubSpot has landed on numerous best places to work lists, but press about its workplace hasn't been all rosy. CPO Katie Burke shares thoughts on both. Read More

Employee benefits software works for healthcare provider

By Shaun Sutner 26 Jan 2018

An online benefits management platform from Benefitfocus enables a developmental health and home care provider to cover field employees with individually tailored insurance plans. Read More

What can employees do with the SuccessFactors mobile app?

By Luke Marson 08 Jan 2018

Self-service SuccessFactors features for employees and managers are numerous, and learning tools, including online course downloading, will run on some Android and iOS devices. Read More

GDPR employee data rules to affect U.S. HR tech vendors

By Shaun Sutner 07 Mar 2018

In this podcast, an HR tech expert discusses how GDPR rules governing employee and personal data for the European Union require all companies doing business in the EU to comply. Read More