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Explore the features of unified endpoint management

06 Mar 2018

UEM can ease pain points for IT or it could create complications. To decide whether this is a good approach, IT pros should do their research. Read More

Integrate endpoint management systems for better security

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 04 Apr 2018

This week, networking bloggers discuss combining endpoint management systems with security, thorny wireless devices and the logic of an IXP atop a VXLAN infrastructure. Read More

Polycom acquisition expands Plantronics endpoint portfolio

By Jonathan Dame 29 Mar 2018

Less than two years after going private, Polycom is preparing to become a part of Plantronics. The $2 billion Polycom acquisition will expand Plantronics' endpoint portfolio. Read More

IIC addresses industrial IoT security on endpoints

By Sharon Shea 12 Mar 2018

In a new document, the Industrial Internet Consortium abridges IEC and NIST publications, offering clear, concise guidance to ensure IIoT security in connected plants. Read More

Security compliance standards as a guide in endpoint plans

By Brien Posey 11 Jan 2018

Consider security compliance regulations for your industry as a starting point and a guide for planning your specific approach to enterprise endpoint protection. Read More

The endpoint security controls you should consider now

By Brien Posey 11 Jan 2018

With the perimeter wall gone, securing enterprise endpoints is even more essential. Learn how automation and other developments can up endpoint security now. Read More

Intel AMT flaw: How are corporate endpoints put at risk?

By Judith Myerson 26 Mar 2018

A recent flaw in Intel's Advanced Management Technology enables hackers to gain access to endpoint devices. Discover how this flaw can be mitigated with expert Judith Myerson. Read More

Huddle rooms help fuel audio conferencing endpoint market

05 Mar 2018

Despite recent economic struggles, the audio endpoint market is benefiting from the newest trend of smaller collaboration spaces in enterprises. Read More

AWS PrivateLink clamps down on endpoint exposure

By David Carty 01 Dec 2017

AWS continues to push its Virtual Private Cloud as the new norm for cloud development and deployment, and further limit public internet exposure. AWS PrivateLink enables customers to privately ... Read More

How can IT create a diverse endpoint management strategy?

By Jack Gold 27 Nov 2017

IT admins have to keep up with both the growing technology outside and the endpoint diversity inside the organization. But they can take some simple measures to manage devices. Read More