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Ofcom to enforce new rules on broadband speed disclosure

By Alex Scroxton 01 Mar 2018

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is to impose new measures on broadband providers, forcing them to provide better information about speeds to consumers Read More

FAQ: How is the Privacy Shield Framework being enforced?

By Caron Carlson 12 Dec 2017

The FTC has issued its first enforcement actions for companies found in violation of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework, but are the rules doing enough to protect consumer data? Read More

Security Think Tank: Educate, enforce policy and monitor to ensure messaging security

By Peter Wenham 08 Dec 2017

What criteria should organisations use to assess the security of smartphone messaging apps, and how can they ensure only approved apps are used by employees? Read More

Law enforcement hacking declared search under Fourth Amendment

By Michael Heller 15 Sep 2016

A new ruling in a Texas court declared law enforcement hacking to be search in the definition of the Fourth Amendment, but experts say further clarification is needed. Read More

European law enforcement seeking smart ways to fight cyber crime

15 Dec 2016

Cyber criminals are always likely to be better resourced than law enforcement. Now, national and regional police forces in Europe are switching tactics to even the odds. Under-resourced law enforcement needs a ... Read More

Dark web markets get warning shots from global law enforcement

By Michael Heller 04 Nov 2016

Law enforcement agencies around the world arrested and questioned users of dark web markets allegedly connected to the sale of illegal goods. Read More

SN blogs: Wi-Fi vendor segment needs 'code enforcers' to cut glitches

By Chuck Moozakis 18 Apr 2017

Networking analysts discuss the state of Wi-Fi vendor quality, how BGP can be made to work more efficiently and why enterprises should consider startups. Read More

European law enforcement seeking smart ways to fight cyber crime

By Warwick Ashford 22 Aug 2016

Cyber crime continues to increase in volume and sophistication, but European law enforcement is fighting back, using collaboration and industry partnerships to compensate for a lack of resources Read More