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In the computer industry, an enterprise is an organization that uses computers.Read More

AI in the enterprise: A framework for success

By Nicole Laskowski 27 Feb 2018

Developing an AI use case that lays out what the project will cost, the value it will provide and the potential risks it will bring can be a head scratcher for CIOs. AI in the enterprise is ... Read More

Enterprise opportunities for smart speakers

20 Feb 2018

In this week's Computer Weekly as voice-activated smart speakers grow in popularity, we examine how IT teams can use the technology in enterprise applications. Our latest buyer's guide looks at the latest ... Read More

How to introduce Chrome OS in the enterprise

By Cliff Saran 15 Feb 2018

We test a corporate desktop IT environment, running on CloudReady, a version of Chrome OS that can run on PCs and Macs Read More

The enterprise of things is not secure!

By Jack Gold 31 Jan 2018

Companies deploying the enterprise of things must plan for the long term, and long-term security will be one of the biggest challenges EoT faces. Read More

Ten lessons for enterprises deploying containers

By Torsten Volk 12 Mar 2018

The majority of medium to large enterprises surveyed by EMA foresee containers replacing VMs in two to five years. Unsurprisingly, container management and shadow containers are pressing concerns. Read More

How to navigate the enterprise collaboration market

By Jon Arnold 16 Jan 2018

When evaluating enterprise collaboration services, first look inward at your company needs. Some key collaboration criteria include scalability, security and uptime. Read More

Enterprise Connect 2018 conference coverage

07 Mar 2018

The unified communications industry is seeing significant changes. Track the latest news in our comprehensive coverage of Enterprise Connect 2018. Read More

Enterprise mobility: What to expect in 2018

By Josh Garrett 09 Jan 2018

MOBI's Josh Garrett discusses trends for enterprise mobility in 2018, explaining why Microsoft will be relevant in mobility and why exclusive BYOD is out. Read More

Email collaboration evolves in the modern enterprise

By Jonathan Dame 16 Feb 2018

Messaging apps are great for team collaboration, but bridging the gap between internal and external communication remains a hurdle. That's why vendors are developing tools to improve email collaboration. Read More

What enterprises need to know about ransomware attacks

By Joseph Granneman 13 Feb 2018

Ransomware attacks on enterprises are often the result of a company's poor IT hygiene. Expert Joe Granneman looks at attacks like those by WannaCry and SamSam ransomware. Read More