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Preventing diagnostic errors in medicine with software

By Shaun Sutner 30 Mar 2018

In this podcast, a medical expert talks about how physicians can avoid diagnostic errors -- a top threat to patient safety -- by using AI-based clinical decision support software. Read More

Operator Error Explains 4TB Drive Mystery

By Ed Tittel 15 Jan 2018

When I compared the PSU (brick) I'd been using on my dual drive dock to the one I'd just purchased, I realized that operator error explains 4TB drive mystery. Sheesh! Read More

Human error still poses a significant cloud security risk

By Paul Korzeniowski 21 Mar 2018

Even with the most sophisticated cloud security tools in play, human error -- both from end users and IT teams -- can open up your enterprise to numerous kinds of attacks. Read More

Rollbar snags $6 million for error monitoring

By Darryl K. Taft 31 Oct 2017

Error monitoring software-as-a-service provider Rollbar has secured $6 million in venture capital funding to advance its software and grow the organization. Read More

There is no Margin for Error in Azure it’s Strictly Bill Room

By Nick Booth 16 Jan 2018

Nick Booth finds some inspiration in what Microsoft partner Astel Systems has been doing to deliver cloud services Read More

Error budget instills reckless IT project management mindset

By Tom Nolle 08 Jan 2018

Just how many errors is the IT operations team allowed to make? Trendy organizations are answering this question with a budget, but it possesses some admins to push the envelope. Read More

Making error fixes after deploying cloud applications

By Jan Stafford 11 May 2017

Cloud app developers, here's advice on for post-deployment error handling and making code error fixes. Read More

Ofcom to readjust BT dark fibre pricing after error

By Alex Scroxton 11 Apr 2017

Competition and Markets Authority rules in favour of appeal filed by TalkTalk relating to how much BT is allowed to charge other providers for buying dark fibre Read More

Stop an Outlook certificate error before serious trouble erupts

By Brien Posey 05 Apr 2017

Users often dismiss Outlook certificate errors, but admins should know better. Here are some steps to address the three common causes of certificate errors. Read More

Developing AI apps free from bias crucial to avoid analytics errors

By Ed Burns 07 Jul 2017

Biased data samples or model development practices can derail any company interested in using AI tools and diminish the technology's return on investment. Read More