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Exadata (also called Oracle Exadata Database Machine) in-memory database appliance that supports OLTP (...Read More

What to expect from Oracle Exadata Database Machine

By Craig S. Mullins 17 Feb 2016

Oracle Exadata Database Machine combines hardware and software to enable analytics, batch, reporting and other tasks to run simultaneously within and across databases. Read More

A guide to the changes in Oracle Exadata X5

By Jessica Sirkin 10 Feb 2015

The Exadata X5 release has more updates to it than any previous release. This guide provides summaries of the changes Oracle has made for Exadata X5. Read More

The case for commodity hardware vs. Oracle Exadata architecture

By Lauren Horwitz 11 Apr 2014

A former Oracle sales rep does a 180 by pushing his company not to buy an Exadata system, but to upgrade existing data center infrastructure instead. Read More

Unlock the potential of the Oracle Exadata architecture

14 Jun 2013

Despite being almost five years old now, many implementations haven't realized all of the Oracle Exadata architecture benefits. Read More

Don't fear Exadata, baby take my hand

23 Jan 2014

Various IT administrators may feel like they'll lose control if their organization adopts Exadata. Not so, writes one consultant. Read More

Oracle Exadata, quantum computing and cyborgs

07 May 2012

TUSC President Richard Niemiec explains the connection between Oracle Exadata, quantum computing, and cyborgs. Read More

Not much Exadata training necessary for experienced DBAs, says expert

18 Apr 2014

A database consultant says using Exadata is relatively easy for IT shops already managing Oracle Database. But some new DBA skills may be required. Read More

Oracle Exadata and SGA caching

By Rick Greenwald 04 May 2011

One reader asks Oracle Exadata book co-author Rick Greenwald about the SGA caching dynamic in Exadata. Read More

Cache Fusion for RAC on Exadata

By Rick Greenwald 28 Apr 2011

One reader asks whether Cache Fusion for Oracle RAC is implemented differently on Oracle Exadata compared to other platforms. Read More