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Guide to examples of cloud computing in healthcare

09 Apr 2018

The potential of cloud computing in healthcare can no longer be understated as cloud providers step up their security features and undergo testing to ensure HIPAA compliance. Read More

Learn YAML through a personal example

By Adam Bertram 24 Jan 2018

Some code languages take countless hours of formal training and practice. YAML strikes out in the opposite direction. To comprehend its hierarchical format, follow this coding example. Read More

What are some useful multifactor authentication examples?

By Brien Posey 20 Feb 2018

Health IT expert Brien Posey offers some examples of multifactor authentication as a way for hospitals to further safeguard access to protected health information. Read More

These PowerShell script examples help tidy up code

By Adam Bertram 08 Mar 2018

Even the most grizzled scripting veterans might learn some new PowerShell tips and tricks to tighten their automation code or produce clearer error messages. Read More

What's a good example of patient engagement technology?

By Brien Posey 28 Dec 2017

Learn how healthcare providers use portals to increase patient engagement, as explained by current IT writer and former healthcare CIO Brien Posey. Read More

Two Ansible playbook examples illustrate config management

By Sander van Vugt 06 Dec 2017

Configuration management enables automation for many operations tasks. Ansible uses a simple structure and a dynamic language to enable admins to easily complete jobs, once they get the hang of a playbook. Read More

Three examples of IoT in the enterprise

By Josh Garrett 08 Sep 2017

MOBI's Josh Garrett offers three examples of IoT in the enterprise and explores how a mobility management platform can benefit each. Read More

Examples of BPM use cases where iBPM fits in

By Tom Nolle 30 Nov 2017

Does iBPM stand to deliver real value in the workplace? Expert Tom Nolle examines three key use cases that illustrate how iBPM can deliver value to businesses. Read More

Three ChatOps examples demonstrate DevOps efficiency

By Kurt Marko 05 Feb 2018

IT collaboration tools are taking center stage in DevOps shops, where they create an environment of connection -- to applications, to peer knowledge and to automation tools. Read More