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Guard the line with Windows Defender features

By Ed Tittel 11 Jan 2018

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update took Windows 10 security up a notch by adding advanced features to Windows Defender, including Application Guard and Exploit Guard. Read More

How should undocumented features in software be addressed?

By Kevin Beaver 03 Jan 2018

Kaspersky Lab recently discovered an undocumented feature in Microsoft Word. Expert Kevin Beaver explains the risks and what to do if you come across one of these software flaws. Read More

The key features in an app, desktop virtualization product

By Robert Sheldon 16 Feb 2018

Desktop and app virtualization tools help admins deliver services to users regardless of where they work and what devices they work on. Learn how to make a smart buying decision. Read More

DynamoDB features recharge AWS database service

By Chris Moyer 15 Feb 2018

Developers who got sick of AWS' roundabout backup method for DynamoDB can breathe a sigh of relief. Backup and Restore, as well as Global Tables, eliminate cumbersome processes. Read More

Nine critical features of budget management software

By Barry Wilderman 13 Feb 2018

Workflow tools, multidimensional data structures and flexible reporting are among the capabilities that ensure the budgeting process supports strategic and financial goals. Read More

Paravirtualization interface features and functions

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Oct 2017

Some of the functions supported by paravirtualization include emulated motherboards, storage I/O and network communication, privileged instructions and page tables. Read More

Are hypervisor tools products or features?

By Scott D. Lowe 06 Dec 2017

As converged and hyper-converged infrastructures grow in popularity, hypervisors function more like features of overall IT architectures than they do as stand-alone products. Read More

Network security features available in a virtual switch

By Stephen J. Bigelow 07 Feb 2018

Virtual switch security is achieved through a number of features. Virtualization admins can create and enforce policies, lock down MAC addresses and block forged traffic from VMs. Read More

Microsoft Teams updates streamline search, sharing features

By Katherine Finnell 01 Feb 2018

In UC news, new features in Microsoft Teams look to improve how users share and access information, while Verizon and Ribbon Communications partner for virtual SBC services. Read More

EC2 features aim at network, performance improvements

By David Carty 30 Jan 2018

AWS users have a green light to rev the full bandwidth potential of a particular instance. AWS removed its 5 Gbps limit and improved performance for network connections to and from Elastic Compute ... Read More